Enchanteur Perfumed body Lotion Charming- Reviews & Swatches

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I hope you all are doing fine. Today I will be reviewing body lotion from brand Enchanteur. I have picked Charming moisture silk lotion from supermarket. So, let’s get started with the review.

Price- Aed. 16 /- for 250ml

Product description & Ingredients-

My Experience with Enchanteur Body Lotion Moisture silk Charming –

The product comes in off white bottle with yellow rose printed on it also details of body lotion mentioned on top of the bottle and all details like how to use, ingredients etc is mentioned behind the bottle. This bottle has a flip cap which helps the product comes out easily. The packaging is very elegant and sturdy, but it does not make it travel friendly product ‘coz of its flip cap.

When you open the cap you will be welcomed by nice floral fragrance. The color of product is white and consistency of product is good. The texture of product feels like watery and is very light weighted on skin. It is non-greasy and keeps body hydrated for shorter period. I did not notice any irritation or itchiness on my skin. When you apply the product on body the fragrance start hurting your nose if you have sensitive nose like me. The lotion gets absorb quickly into the skin. Also, the cream stays for shorter time say 4-5 hour then you need to reapply the lotion again. The fragrance stays for 1-2 hour and then vanish. It did not work on skin as after 4-5-hour skin remains the same, dry. If you are looking this lotion for winter, then you will be disappointed as it will not work on skin. This lotion can work slightly in summer as its non-greasy and it will not make your skin feel drier. Well, I can’t use this lotion in office as the scent is so strong that it will grab all the attention of your colleagues.

Overall, I did not like the product as its highly scented plus it has very little staying power. It is more of perfume than body lotion as it did not make my skin healthy. The lotion is light weighted, non-greasy, non-sticky and absorbs in skin quickly plus it has a strong fragrance in it. There’s no problem to give a try as it is reasonably priced. I would rather like to invest in Nivea body lotion as it will make my skin look healthier and will nourish it.  For me it’s a big no and not recommended.

Note– My all reviews depend on the experience I had with the products. All the product work different on every skin type and tone, so you birdies are always free to try product out even if I don’t recommend it. It’s a personal choice.

Will I buy this product again?


TVB rating- 1/5