“Fuji Green Tea” Scrub from Bodyshop- Product review

Hey my humming bird…

Hope you all are doing well… Birdies, I am back with another product reviews from Body shop. This time I will be reviewing body scrub- Fuji Green Tea from Bodyshop. Well, I have started using body scrub since last year and made a part of my weekly regime. Body scrub exfoliate skin and remove dead cells from it giving you that velvety feeling. Let’s get started with the review and my first impression about this product-

Price- AED 25/- for 50ml

Product claims-
Perfect for cleansing and exfoliating, our crisp and refreshingly scented Fuji Green Tea™ Body Scrub helps to lift away dead skin cells and prepare skin for moisture.
• Lifts away dead skin cells
• With revitalising green tea from Japan
• For healthier feeling skin.

Ingredients used-

My Experience with Body Scrub “Fuji Green Tea” from Bodyshop-

I really liked this small sized packaging of product. I have purchased this product on trial basis so that if I liked this product, I will go ahead purchasing the bigger one. I was impressed with the packaging as it comes in transparent round shaped plastic jar where the product is visible, and it lids has leaves printed with Body shop written on that. The lid is of light blue color and green leaf print on that has really made the outer appearance beautiful and impressive. The lid is sturdy and does not allow product to leak from jar.

When you open the lid, beautiful fragrance welcomes you. You can relate fragrance with slight green tea smell. The product is transparent and is in jelly form. White and green color beads in the jelly is clearly visible. These are very tiny beads and guess it will be mild on the skin specially for the sensitive types. The consistency of gel is good as it gets easily spread on moist skin while applying.

When I applied this product on my skin, I felt it very smooth and mild; the beads did not irritate my skin. Scents is mild which create beautiful aroma and does not hurt nose. It’s staying power is less, but I am happy with the product that it has cleansed and exfoliated my skin. As being mild on skin I can recommend applying twice a week as it won’t make your skin dry plus you will get that velvety touch feeling when you move your fingers on skin. It keeps the skin lighten and healthier.

Ladies, do remember even this scrub is mild in use, I would recommend only twice a week and don’t forget to apply lotion after that as it will keep the skin moisturised even though it doesn’t dry out. Many will say that you can use this scrub daily as it is mild in texture, but I will strictly not recommend it. As everyday exfoliating skin can damage it in long run.

Overall, I liked this scrub very much and it is worth investing in it specially for sensitive skin types. As I have highly tanned skin may be I will look for another scrub in same brand. I you have highly tanned skin then this scrub won’t make much difference on your skin and can lead to disappointments. But if you frequent scrubs user, then you can see the difference on your skin.

• Beautiful aroma created
• Easily applied/ spreadable on skin.
• Beads are skin friendly and does not irritate
• Keeps skin smooth and does not dry out
• Scrub is mild on skin
• Product washes of easily
• Suitable for sensitive skin
• Travel friendly and easy packaging

• Pricey
• Fragrance stays for shorter duration.
• Not apt for tanned skin
• Tiny bead slips from hand while applying product on skin.

Will I buy this product again?

TVB rating- 3.7/5