Inglot Duraline Mixing Liquid Review & Swatches

Magic Oil?? Have I heard it Right!

To all my Cinderella’s, here is a gift from me for you all. Presenting this Magic oil from Inglot “Duraline Mixing Liquid” which will revive your old cosmetic items to new one and can increase the life line of your products. Isn’t that a wonderful gift to all my Cinderellas, who are crazy makeup Af. Recently I have encountered with this brand named “Inglot” and have purchased some of the products including this beauty. When I bought this I was not aware that it can be used in so many ways and it will turn to “Sangivani Booty” for my old cosmetics. To know more about this product keep reading as this is one of my sensible and finest purchase of the year 😉

Price- Aed. 52/- for 9ml

Durability- 9 Month

Product description-

Waterless clear liquid that can intensify the colour of any powder and transform it into an easy to apply, water resistant liquid.


My Experience with Inglot Duraline Mixing Liquid-

This beauty comes in white tough cardboard box packaging with the product details mentioned on it. When removed the product from the box, I was amazed to see the crystal clear glass bottle with transparent liquid inside it and a black pump on top of it. I liked the pump as it is in the form of push-down button also the bottle is very sturdy which qualifies it for travelling provided you handle with care. This magic oil is a boon for makeup as it pro long its life. It was just a coincidence that I met this product in store and I am so happy as I bought it. No regrets at all.

The texture of product is watery and has no fragrance to it. The consistency of product is good basically it is not runny like water. Though the bottle look tiny but will go long way. The best thing I liked about this product is, it has mentioned Hypoallergenic on its bottle which means it is suitable to every sensitive skin  people. When I have placed a drop on my skin and rubbed it, I felt it to be very silky and smooth plus within a min it was absorbed by my skin leaving no traces. I am not sure whether it contains silicone or not as nothing is mentioned on ingredient list. I liked that the oil was non greasy as well as non sticky. I revived some of my eyeliner gel pot by adding few drops of it which has helped me to increase the longevity of the product. Also, I tested adding few drops of this in mascara and got the new transformed mascara back to use which I was supposed to throw out as it was dried up.

Let me share the different ways of how I use this product in makeup-

  1. Transforming my eye shadow to eyeliners by mixing it with this oil.
  2. Adding 2 drops of this with my foundation so that it will keep my face moisturized as well as it will protect my foundation falling grey or achy. Also, this can turn your thick foundation to creamy one.
  3. Just a drop of this oil can revive your eyeliner or gel liner pot as well as brow pomade.
  4. You can revive your dry mascara or brow mascara with this oil if you are planning to throw them out.
  5. You can use this oil with any eye shadow to enhance it pigmentation as well as it helps to stay product longer on eyes without creasing. You can create different look with the help of this oil as no need to purchase different metallic eyeliners.
  6. This oil can be applied on lips before applying lipstick as it will stay for a more longer time.
  7. Mix this oil with any shimmery eye shadow to turn into a metallic one which can be used as a beautiful eyeliner or lipstick. I love the way it gives the sheer shine to the product created.
  8. Mix oil with powder pigments to turn into a creamy metallic eye shadow or eyeliner
  9. It goes well with powdered highlighter if you wish to increase the intensity of the product.
  10. Can also be used on eyelid as a base for smooth application of the product.

Turned pigmented powder into eye shadow.


Overall, liked this product very much as it is Hypoallergenic and paraben free also little goes long way. The best part is, it can transform any product the way you wish them to perform like converting into metallic eyeliner, increasing the intensity of eye shadows by improving their pigmentation level, etc plus increases the durability of the product. This is a multi-tasking product and every makeup AF should have this in their vanity box. It justifies each and every money spent on this little magic oil.



  • It is a transparent liquid and fragrance free
  • Transform powder product in to creamy or liquid one
  • Revive old product by adding to its durability with this few drop of oil
  • Glides easily on skin without leaving any traces
  • Smooth and silky in texture
  • Does not irritate my eyes or skin.
  • Increases the longevity of makeup
  • Add shine to makeup like eye shadows, foundation, lipstick, highlighter
  • It is smudge proof and waterproof plus have multiple usage


  • The oil dries quickly so need to be quick while applying eyeliner.
  • Few can find pricey but trust me you need this in your vanity box.

Will I buy this product again?

Definitely but would like to try different brand for more better understanding.

TVB rating- 4.9/5