Olay Natural White all- in-One Fairness Day and Night Cream- Review and Swatches

Hey my humming birds….

I am back again with new post. Today I am so excited to share with you all, a fantastic cream that I have been using it for last 7-8 months which has done wonder on my dull skin. I have never been the person who uses both day and night cream (not even before my pre-marriage skin care routine) but when I saw this product displayed for offer I thought to give a try as my skin started looking too dull and tired which I started hating it. So, I promised myself that I am not gonna skip a single day while using this cream so that I can make sure how does this cream work. I am truly surprised to see the effect in couple of months a difference in my skin texture. So, let’s get started with this Olay Natural White day and night cream tour…!! 😊


Price- AED 35/- (approx.)

Olay Natural White cream claims-

Ingredients Used- 

L- Day cream and R- Night Cream

Skin Type- Normal to Combination Skin

My personal experience with Olay natural white cream-

The packaging of this cream comes in a milky white translucent tub with light grey cap on it with a swirl pattern beautifying transparent Olay word mentioned on cap with grey fonts. These two cute tub look so elegant and good when holded in hand. The Day cream font has been mentioned in yellow color which I guess represent sunshine or morning rays with SPF 24 and Night cream font has been typed in lavender color which represent cozy and sensuous nights in my terms. The jar is made of plastic, which makes it light-weight and travel friendly. Olay helps in reduction of dark spots and dullness, resulting in a healthy looking natural fairness that glows in the morning.

Olay Natural White Day Cream-

This cream is slightly thick in consistency with SPF 24. It has a very mild fragnance when opened the cap with slight yellow tinge to it. Cream is very smooth and velvety in texture. A pea sized amount is sufficient for entire face plus you must massage it very well with light handed in circular motion so that cream gets beautifully absorbed in skin. If you have a oily skin may be it would take bit time to absorb due to its thick consistency but it really works well on skin as I too have a combination skin. This cream takes 5- 7 mins to get absorbed in skin and helps in reducing dark spots and pigmentation which I had lot on my face and now it is reduced by 70% which is very satisfying. Also, it has a good amount of SPF which protect your face from harsh rays of sun. Entire day my skin was supple and smooth with a slight glow on it. You have to use compact to set the oiliness on skin which I feel a negative point but still I am ok with it as I have experienced the benefit.

Olay Natural White Night Cream-

The cream is between gel and a moisturizer consistency. It is easily spreaded on skin. The cream has a slight pink tinge to it making the whole experience all the more feminine and pleasing. Its feathery texture and mild floral scent is perfect for bed time. It does not leave a sticky base after application, and also is well absorbed by the skin. The basic need for a night cream is because our skin does the maximum repairing and regeneration in the night whilst the body and the mind relax. Plus, the night creams have the maximum concentration of antioxidants and anti-ageing components. Olay night cream contains triple nutrient system – Vitamins B3, pro-B5 & vitamin E, which nourishes the skin while we sleep. It has a lot of anti-oxidants that help in the restoration of the skin and delay ageing. One does not have to struggle to blend it into skin. The cream gets easily absorbed by the skin and moisturize it easily with little glow to the skin. Once applied, Olay Natural White Night Cream sits on skin for long and does not let it dry. It makes skin very soft and supple and keeps skin nourished till morning. Olay Natural White Night Cream does not give an oily finish to the skin.

Overall, I liked these cream set. I have combination skin, which gets really oily in summers and dry in winters. As the cream has a way of adapting to the skin, I found this cream to be perfect for my skin type. It neither makes my skin look gooey nor leave it craving for moisture. The cream does its job well of nourishing the skin but if you are looking for dramatic results or noticeable whitening, the cream is not for you. If you have a hectic life, travels too much or is exposed to pollution try it. Your skin will thank you for using it. The cream claims skin whitening though I have not seen any visible difference but what I have noticed that my skin does not look dull and imperfect plus it became clearer and added glow to my texture. I would recommend this cream set to all the working ladies or 24hours working housewife who are having hectic schedule.


  • After regular use skin texture improves it becomes more even and clear.
    It improve complexion and brightens the skin.
  • Gel-cream consistency with moderate moisturization
  • Lightens blemishes, evens out skin tone, improves skin health and complexion
  • Controls oils and pore sizes.
  • Nice packaging and travel safe.
  • Mild pleasing scent
  • Nourishing formula
  • Contains Niacinamide
  • Creamy, velvety and satiny texture


  • Expensive
  • Digging fingers in the tub can be unhygienic
  • Contains Propyl paraben

Will I purchase this product again?

Yes, but now I am excited to try cream of another brand too.

TVB Rating- 4.5/5