Hey my Angels

How are you all… So today I will be sharing my Day 3 Journey-

Gobustan Museum- We started early in the morning as it takes 2 hours to reach this place. It’s a wonderful place and a must visit place. Full of rocks, rock carvings and architecture. First we had been to museum where our guide has arranged an English attendant for us. She has explained us about the museum, their architecture, animal hunting and stone (gems) discovery, how they use to live their life, how they started drawing images of men, women,  bull, goat etc. Their alphabets, pronunciation of words like for Kebab they will pronounce chebab and more.They also had few games in the museum which has stolen our time :). Thereafter we followed english attendants and she took us to Gobustan Rocks.

Gobustan Rock- We were not having any idea which place she was taking us and how it will be. But if someone is nature crazy then definitely this place will make you say “Oh la la”. Just reaching that place we were going crazy watching rock all over, cool breeze and what a scenic view. It just stole my heart. Then we started following her and she kept us explaining how they use to play music, how they might have done rock carvings, wishing hole to make a wish, etc. in short it was fun to know more about this things. On each and every single rock there were some carvings made by these people. It was amazing to watch and to specially for photoholic people like me for photo clicks ;). We have almost spent 2.30 hours taking selfies, exploring rock carvings and enjoying the cold breeze.

*Back to Baku*

Heydar Aliyev Center– This is in-short a museum based on their most loved president who has devoted his entire life for Azerbaijani people. They displayed in museum the car he used to drive in his presidentship tenure, dress he used to wear, small monuments of the places to see in Azerbaijan, Video displaying the treasury of Azerbaijan’s, their traditional dresses, different type of instruments, video of their traditional dance- which is actually fun to watch, their most famous carpets anyways Azerbaijan’s are famous for carpet and pottery, etc. Also they have a separate room where they have full video of their most loved president since childhood till his death. It is 40 min video but nice to watch. We spent 1.30 hours in the museum only thing i didn’t like about it was they wasted lot of space inside the museum. When we came out we saw at least 7-8 bride came for the photo shoot. They all were looking glamourous. The way this ladies decked up was not less than any hollywood heroine. My eyes were just looking at them wondering how beautiful god has created this ladies. We wished them, blessed them and moved on for our next target.

Mall 28- In night we had been to famous Mall in Baku named “mall 28”. We preferred to walk as it was 1.3 km one way from our hotel exploring roads, park and fountains . As I had been to malls in Dubai we did not found it that great. I mean, I  felt that place is an isolated one. We were little disappointed by entering the mall and also it was getting difficult for us to explain people even if we required a cup of coffee (language barrier :(, they hardly know english). We hardly stayed there for 1 hour that too, one group was playing live traditional music which was treat to our ears. I have uploaded the video.

Ferry Ride- In evening, we had been to ferry ride where entire Baku was visible. Dazzling light, sea waves, Cold breeze were just kept on adding to our memories. It was a wonderful experience. It was 1 hour ride where they take you at a spot where entire city is visible. On rooftop of Boat (it is reserved for locals) locals were dancing on their traditional song, it was nice to see them dance.  Here our trip was ended with our guide and we headed to hotel. Rest of our fellows went to explore Azerbaijan local food with our guide but we opted to explore mall and nearby places. Again for us food was an major issue as it was very difficult to get Veg food except 2 restaurant which I mentioned earlier.

I hope you found this blog interesting. Follow us for more update about Day 4- Shahdag Trip. Till then be optimist, be happy, as life is precious and comes with lots of Surprises. Take care…

Day 4 to be continued…