Hey my lovely Angels
Today I will be sharing my travelling experience with you all. Recently I made a visit to country named “Azerbaijan”. As I have heard this country name for the first time I was more excited to explore this country, as curiosity was gearing up. We did lot of research before visiting this place with the help of and We have made our list “places to be visited”.

This place is blessed with natural resources and here currency used is Manat. We can exchange currency at the airport or in any Bank of Azerbaijan as this currency is does not float much. Currency rate is 1$=1.65 Manat. Also be noted that language is the biggest barrier as they don’t understand English. May be sometimes you may have to use hand gesture to explain what you actually mean..But it’s fun 😉

Yes, we had landed to Baku in evening around 5 and finally at 6 checked into our Austin Hotel which is located in Nizami Street (heart of the Baku). Baku is famous for souvenirs, clothes, shoes, carpets, silk scarf, pottery and handmade purses. Do shop local cloth as it is cheaper and also visit famous Sadarak market (wholesale market) where you can buy everything like clothes, shoes, electronics etc. Finally our trip started at 7.00 pm in evening.

Day 1-
We started our trip with Nizami Street as our hotel was located in center of the Nizami Street. It’s a very lively and colorful street. This street has long Jhumars placed above, which lights up in evening adding more elegance to its beauty. People staying here has planted flower-pot in the balcony which add more grace to the street. It is 4 km Long Street surrounded with lot of branded shops. When you walk around this street there are many platforms prepared for the artist to express their art in front of public. They play rock music with electric guitars which creates vibrant atmosphere to uplift your mood to scream and shout out loud with the crowd. After having fun, we headed in the direction of old city exploring each park, fountains and most important thing “taking selfies”. The roads are super clean and after each km you will surprised seeing parks and fountain. Just roaming around this place gives your life. We have also experienced they were musician playing their traditional music in restaurant and streets which gave treat to wanderer’s ears while passing by the place. One thing I observed was after every few km there was chessboard painted on the corner of the road to play.

After walking for 4 Km to and fro we were damn hungry and had our dinner in Maharaja Restaurant which was having Veg options in their menu card. Lastly we headed back to hotel, all set to explore other side of this city next day.

Follow us for our next post to know more about Day 2. Till then be optimist, be happy, as life is precious and comes with lots of Surprises. Take care…
Day 2 to be continued…