Hey my Angels

I hope you all are doing well. Finally here comes my last day of the Trip to Azerbaijan-

Today is the most exciting trip I am gonna share with you all. We choose this place to relive nature ,to cherish nature and to embrace nature. We should always make last day of our trip remarkable and memorable, so we have planned for Mud volcano, near Gobustan. When we heard about this place on 2nd day of our trip my mind was stuck at moment imaging how it will look. So that moment itself we decided to visit this place no matter what.

Let’s start our trip-

We have checked out from our hotel in morning itself so that we could spend more time at Mud Volcano and from there we can directly go to the airport. As the place was approximately a couples of hour drive from our hotel. We have booked a four wheel drive vehicle for that place. As we were heading towards our destination we were amazed seeing oil pump factories and drilling machine all across the town. I mean they have so much of crude oil that where ever you start digging on that land you will get oil only, seriously.

When we have entered the starting point of our destination we noticed huge cracks in the land so we asked our guide and he informed us that it was due to earthquake.Thrilled! I have just heard that due to high rector earthquake there can be crack on land or few portion of land get absorbed in earth but let me tell you hearing is far away from what actually you see and feel, it’s terrific!. After watching that I really got scared whether it is okay to move ahead or not.

Finally we reached our destination and it was hard for my eyes to believe so many Mud volcanoes and the bubble sounds was rhythm to my ears. Oh my god, there were 250+ mud volcano (both small and big). All the mud volcano were live and mud was flowing out of it. We went to medium sized mud volcano to take a glance of it. when we reached on the top of volcano we could see mud bubble coming out which was tempting me because after watching that i really wanted to have chocolate. That sound was making me crazy so i dared to touch the mud and you won’t believe it was cold. Nature is really amazing. After reaching half of the way we observed some black oil on the land and at that movement itself our guide informed us that it’s a crude oil land. After hearing those word who can stop us to enhance the nature. We stepped on the land and you won’t believe it was too soft to walk on it. After seeing our excitement finally our guide warned us to stop and to come back as he was scared because there were possibility we could have gone inside it. So we stood at comfortable place where there was less danger and has enjoyed alot touching the raw crude oil.  We didn’t knew being in nature can turn us into kids. I  mean you all just imagine raw crude  oil in front of your eyes,Just Wow. It was so thick and greasy that it became difficult to remove from our hand. We spent there 30 minutes and then moved to our actual destination for which I was really going nuts imagining how it will look.


Our guide informed us that due to different types of gases present in land, the mud volcano took place. If we apply this volcano for 20 minutes on scars, face, joints it will heal them. I brought that fresh mud in bottle but still i never dared to use it on my face. Whatever it may be, i enjoyed this place from the core. After being there for 1:30 hour finally we left for our airport. Though they have not included this destination in tourist spot but we have insisted our guide a lot for this trip and thanks to god that he agreed otherwise we would have missed the most beautiful thing of nature. As this land is full of natural resources like crude oil, varieties of gases, mud volcano and warrior’s history it’s a must visiting destination. I guess this will be the best day of our trip to be cherished ever and ever…

I hope you all enjoyed with me on this trip to Azerbaijan. Will take a leave now and will come back with some other exciting and informative post. Till then be optimist, be happy, as life is precious and comes with lots of Surprises. Take care…