Hey Angels
I am back to share my second last Day of our beautiful journey to Azerbaijan-

Shahdag- We started early in the morning around 8:30 as it was 3:15 hour journey. We have booked a private car. This was one of the best day of our entire trip. No more walking, more of relaxing, sports, scenery and fun. In the last three days, we were more indulged in exploring the city by walking, so we opted for a place which is beautiful as well as little soothing for us. Shahdag Mountains as name states place with mountains all over. This place is at the top of Azerbaijan and famous to visit in snow season for ice skating as it is the largest Ski resort in Azerbaijan. Before reaching Shahdaq we had been to small village to visit old famous mosque (advised to skip as lots to do more in Shadaq resort) and we hardly spent there 30 mins. As soon as we were getting closer to shahdag the temperature started dropping down. On each side of the road they have planted apple trees and greenery everywhere. Finally, we reached Shahdag around 2.00 p.m. enjoying hills and beautiful sceneries. The climate of shahdaq has supported us to enjoy the rides up to most. We had enjoyed chairlift, treasure park, Segway, bike and lots of photos. Suddenly at 4:00 p.m. temperature dropped and it was too cold, foggy and rainy to survive. This particulate change in climate helped us in relishing our trip. As it was getting too cold to survive we left the place at 5:00 p.m. before it gets foggier and confuse driver.

*Back to Baku- 8:00pm*

Little Venice- In evening we told our cab driver to drop us at “Little Venice” in Baku Boulevard. Baku Boulevard is a long park facing sea side. They have built a hotel surrounded with water giving a glimpse of Venice. We had a boat ride around the hotel. It was a nice ride. Thereafter, we had been to Maiden Tower which was opposite of “Little Venice” but it was closed so we were unable to explore it from inside.

Nizami Street
As it was out last night in Baku we went back to our most loved Nizami Street to have dinner and to complete our shopping. We enjoyed our entire day as it was fruitful.
“A Day to Remember”….

Journey with us for the last Day of the Trip. Till then be optimist, be happy, as life is precious and comes with lots of Surprises. Take care…
Day 5 to be continued…