Hi my Angels
WISH you all are doing fine and hope that you all might have gone through my BAKU- DAY-1 post. I hope you all liked it. Let’s continue our journey Day 2

Today, this entire day was dedicated to Flames/Fire. Places we visited today had all one thing in common “FLAMES”. Here local people says “This place have witnessed many attacks and soldiers have dedicated their bloods to this place. So they represent their place as fire/flames” and can see symbol of flames on many places.They have also constructed the tallest LED Screened building named as “Flame towers”. Let’s Start our Journey…

We have visited Fire temple which was built by Hindu and Zoroastrian for their place to worship, heading towards pilgrimages. We were amazed to see that they have established Lord Ganesha and Shiva in the temple with Sanskrit shloka written on the wall. They have constructed a small temple with a dome on top to do yagya. During those time, they never used anything to lighten up the fire. Fire was eternal. Locals say there were some type of gases present in the atmosphere which keeps fire burning unceasingly. This temple is all about natural fire, how they purified their soul with fire, how they became aware of oil and then how this temple was attacked by the Russians.

After Fire temple we headed towards Fire Mountain Yanar Dag (please avoid google images). As the name say, this mountain is famous for eternal fire. This fire comes beneath the mountain due to some type of gases present in the soil, helps fire to continuously burn without extinguishing. Whatever be the season winter, snow, summer, rains, this fire mountain will keep burning. Followed by Wikipedia-Yanar Dag fires is the result of hydrocarbon gases emanating from below the earth’s surface. This is the open place (same like tabletop in Mahabaleshwar) with cool breeze. We were disappointed to see these place as google images were different than what we saw but at last selfies made our day. ;P

Back to Baku- After our lunch we headed to Baku old city, visiting- Martyrs’ Lane (formerly The Kirov Park), Mosque of the Martyrs’, Flame Tower (day look), Miniature Book museum, Vahid Monument, Baku national stadium(from outside), Double gates, and Baku National Flag. These all places were near to each other.

Flames tower (night look) – This tower is shaped in a flame way covered with LED screen. In night they play a beautiful LED lights on the tower showing the fire flame, designs and chess images. It is ideal to visit this place in night as it is more elegant and beautiful.

From the palace- Behind Flame Towers
Palace of the Shirvanshahs- In evening, we visited this palace and our guide has arranged for the English speaking attendant to explain the entire palace. The way she explained was remarkable as you can imagine the things going around you. How they used to order servants, Living room dome, jewelry of king, queen and horses, how they use to make judgement, punishment given to criminal, how they use to bring them in Darbar of the King, Bullets on the wall, bride search and socializing during bathing, etc. Overall it was amazing place to visit.

Nizami Street- I am so much in love with street as it makes me feel alive. We explored another area of street which was crowded, lively and happening. I loved, loved and loved roaming around this street hand filled with shopping bag (what else a lady want ;)). Al brands like Burberry, Louis Vuitton, MAC, Nike, Korean brands easily accessible. Then we explored another restaurant “Adam’s Curry” which was having varieties of veg option and I bet, you will never have such an amazing Dal tadka in any corner of the world. I became great fan of that place (foodie always visit where they get tasty food). After a tiring day if you get freshly made Dal tadka and hot hot phulkas with the ghee on the top, you just revive your energy. Finally we have finished our day with this place.

I hope you found my this blog as interesting and happening as my previous blog. Follow with me for DAY-3 journey. Till then be optimist, be happy, as life is precious and comes with lots of Surprises. Take care…