Betadine Intimate Wash- Review

Did you ever know we need to use the feminine wash to cleanse our private parts instead of our normal body shampoo?

Lovelies, today I will be reviewing one of the most important product which every female should must have i.e. intimate wash. Currently I am using Betadine intimate wash and there is lot other brand in market so just grab one if you really love yourself. As we know a Women Intimate area is one of the most sensitive and important area of our body. Not only does it directly affect our health, but also our confidence and how we feel inside and out.

BETADINE® Daily Feminine Wash promotes an optimum environment for the growth of beneficial flora. It has formulated from natural ingredients with the unique Tri-Care™ formulation, which features Immortelle, SyriCalm™, and Deoplex®, with Prebiotics. It provides daily protection from unwanted symptoms associated with pH imbalance. It also includes natural anti-oxidant that helps improve skin’s natural moisture, extract that provides effective odour neutralization and active ingredient that soothes the skin and reduces skin redness and irritation.

Price- Aed 70/-

Validity- 3 months

How to use– Just take a small coin size amount and wash it inside out.

Ingredients used-

My Experience with Forest Essentials Facial Tonic Mist Pure Rose Water-

Since last couple of months I have started facing itchiness, dryness and irritation in my private part and was so worried as it was not reducing it. So, I visited gync doctor and showed her and she said me that you are having a fungal infection and I was like what? I told her that I am taking care, but she was like the that it’s a high level of fungal infection and she gave me heavy antibiotics to get rid of that. There are possibilities that due to heat and humid climate I must be facing these things, but the fact remains the same. Even she educated me that during fungal infection avoid having sex as women body is more exposed to risk then male.

Did you know that most women will be inflicted with Yeast Infection at least once in their life? I didn’t know it was THAT common of a problem amongst us women.

Like me so many women does the same mistake using soap or shampoo on intimate part which is completely wrong. Reason- it affects pH level of that area and make it dry which can call for bacterial, unitary infection or say fungal infection. Have you ever used toothpaste on your hair? No, right. Similarly, we should use product which are specially formulated to that particular area. So beware my ladies, soap and shampoo is not a solution to clean private part. Invest in intimate wash. (pleaseeeeeee)

Coming to the experience – This product comes in lavender color plastic bottle with white cap on it plus all the details of the product mentioned on it which make product look pretty feminine. On front side of bottle in bold betadine name has been mentioned which was another reason I grabbed this product. We all are aware that doctor mostly uses betadine product while dressing up the wounds so that it prevents from bacteria so another reason to grab the product. Once you open white cap you can directly pour the product on hand which is quite hygiene. The packaging is not travel friendly as anytime product can spill out so I keep it in plastic bag during traveling.

The texture of the product is runny, transparent and you really need a small coin sided amount to wash. It’s very gentle on private part plus its free form colouring, soap, fragrance and parabens. After wash, you will definitely feel fresh, clean and hydrated. You will also observe changes in odour and irritation level will be reduced. Frankly speaking I use this product twice a day. Once during bath and 2nd before sleep to keep more hydrated and I have witnessed the changes. I am so happy to use this product as it has minimized my discomfort level. I would request all the females to start using this specially girls after having their first periods. You need it, mark my words. There is no pros and cons for this product.

Will I buy this product again?


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