Colorbar Zoom and Whoosh mascara, Black Sin- Reviews and Swatches

Hey my lovely birds…

I am back with another product review from brand colorbar. I am reviewing this brand for the first time as well as product on my blog. Now tell me, who has thin and small lashes like me? Ain’t, we dream of long voluminous dramatic full lashes on special occasions and what if I let you know the secret to get those lashes. Yes, my ladies I am talking about Zoom and Whoosh mascara from brand colorbar which is my current favorite and on my top list. So, lets check out what the product claims and whether it is on the mark 😊

Price- INR 690 for 9 ml

Product claims-

A two-in-one mascara that lets you choose if you want lashes to be naturally defined, or instantly combed and loaded for full-on drama. Easy to use dual-wiper with richest black imaginable with each stroke.

How to Use-

  • Lash Volumizing start with the upper lashes. Brush from the base of the lashes to the tips in a zigzag upward motion.
  • Repeat for the lower lashes in a zigzag downward motion.
  • ​Lash Lengthening for both upper and lower lashes. For the upper lashes, brush the mascara from the base of the lashes to the tips in an upward and outward direction.

My Experience with Colorbar zoom and whoosh mascara in shade black Sin-

This product comes in silver cardboard box packaging with all the details mentioned on it which really made it appear pretty. When you open the box and takeout the product you will be mesmerized to see the black sturdy fat bottle with silver and pink cap on it which really makes this beauty look classy and stunning. Also, the name of mascara is printed in silver, on bottle with a sticker placed at the bottom of product with its shade name mentioned on it. Though this range only has one shade i.e. black in color.

Another surprise is, this product has two caps i.e. silver and pink with a single wand which is unique. When you open pink cap you will see thin wand and when you open silver cap you will see thick wand. Technique they have used in one wand with two different caps is really amazing and appreciating. If you want your eyes to look dramatic then go with thick wand which covers all your small lashes giving volume to it and for natural and lengthier eyelash look opt for thin wand which can be used daily.

The consistency and texture of product is good. It can be applied easily on lashes without pulling it on upper side. The product is medium weighted, and you won’t feel that you have applied anything until and unless you apply 2-3 quotes which makes your lashes little heavy (I felt thou). I always applied mascara curling my lashes using eyelash curler but for this particular mascara I can skip that step as it really worked amazing on my eyes. Also, after few hours of application this mascara does not flake or irritate my eyes; it remains as it is since the time you applied. After application you can see the actual performance of mascara. Eyes look really stunning with this mascara; I really love how this mascara caters to all my needs like volumising, lengthening and curling my lashes. Staying power is pretty high, say 6-7 hours. It keeps my lashes curled for a long time too plus I did not see any kind of fall out with it.

I always apply this mascara with thick wand so that it covers all my small lashes but the product makes my eyes look clumsy with extra product so to remove that clumsiness I use thin wand which separate the lashes easily giving definition and length to my eyes and lashes. When removing the mascara use good makeup remover or oil. Though the product comes off easily and does not make your natural lashes fall which really made me happy but its good to take extra care of them.

Thin Wand

Thick Wand

Overall, I am in love with this product and this is my current favorite. It gives me volume, length and curl to my lashes which is satisfying all my need. Though for few it will be pricey but trust me each penny spent on this will be justified. Though I am little disappointed for the chemical they have used like paraben but it has neither irritated my eyes nor has caused any lash fallout. Availability can be issue but if you find this anywhere just grab it. Recommended!!

Tip- Once you open the new mascara bought, try to finish it off within 6 months as that is the only life any mascara has of whichever brand. Also remember, if you want your mascara to stay longer with you don’t pump the wand 2-3 times in bottle as it let air enter inside the bottle which can dry the product quickly.


  • Sturdy and stunning packaging
  • Stays for longer hour
  • Volumize, lengthens and curl lashes
  • Two different cap with one wand
  • Unique technique used in one wand
  • Does not flake and smudge
  • Travel friendly.
  • Gets easily removed with a makeup remover


  • Expensive
  • Contains Parabens.
  • After 2-3 coast makes your lashes slightly heavy
  • Not easily available.
  • Clumps are seen on lashes if not separated
  • Drying, thick formula

Will I buy this product again?


TVB rating- 4/5