Feel the rush | Tandem Skydive Dubai- 2018

Hey My Birdies…

Hope you all are doing great… I am back with another random post… This time I am sharing my adventure experience with you all.

I hope all have seen movie “Zindagi Na Milegi Doobara” and all must have got fascinated by skydive, scuba diving and tamatino festival.  Well I was highly impressed by skydiving and it came in my to do list. When I was working in my prev. company which was located on 30th floor (name cant be disclosed) I used to see few bunch of people flying in the sky and landing which really used to excite me and then latter I came to know by one of my colleague that they are sky diving so my to do list thing became my priority. I started convincing my family for this sport but they were so scared that they didn’t allow me. Now it’s been 18 months.

Yes, the day came my birdies. I was turning 30 this may and wanted it to welcome with my open hearts. So, I grabbed the opportunity and gifted this sport to myself on this day. I have booked tandem skydive in which you have to jump with the instructor and videographer who would be capturing your entire movement from the time you jump from the plane till you land. Also, I found Dubai skydive to be the safest place to do if you are scared of height like me as they are very keen with their safety precaution.

I was damn nervous on the day of my jump plus I could feel butterflies in my stomach dancing inside it; felt like my inner child is getting supper active and excited.. I met my instructor and videographer and gosh they were damn handsome. I was interviewed thrice by my videographer- 1st before the time of boarding plane, 2nd just before jump i.e. inside the plane and 3rd after landing. My instructor gave me brief about the skydive and then we boarded plane after 15 min as he checked all my accessories and life jacket. I was about to jump and gosh my heartbeat started beating harder; I literally could sense my heartbeat. I was standing at the plane door keeping my neck up and my instructor said jump…

Yipeeee… I jumped and woohhooooo… what an experience. My heart was literally in my mouth. It took me 30 sec to come back in my senses. I was floating in the sky like bird… Felt the essence of wind touching my skin, senses, face and could breathe the fragrance of the wind… I screamed with joy like a small baby who screams after seeing their fav ice-cream or toy. I didn’t want to land just wanted to float in sky for few more mins. It was such an adventurous, thrilling and awesome experience. This sport has given me lifetime memories to cherish. Latter my instructor opened 2nd parashut which turned in to paragliding and we were there in sky for 10 mins. As I have opted for palm package I was mesmerized to see Marina, worldmap, palm view from above. The view was enthralling and then finally we landed safely. I got my Skydive CD after 45 mins and then we left but meanwhile I enjoyed watching other people doing skydive.

It’s the safest skydive in Dubai and I would recommend everyone to go for it even if you are scared from height like me. You would enjoy it thoroughly mark my words. Also, please note before registering to tandem skydive make sure you go through their FAQs s as they are strict with their rules. I have added my Skydive video on YouTube, do enjoy it watching (link on my website).

Thankyou my team 🙂


Love <3