Garnier Ultra Blends Mythic Olive Oil Conditioner Review

Hey birdies…

As stated in my previous post I am here to write my experience on Garnier Ultra Blends Mythic Olive Oil conditioner. Well Conditioner plays a very important role to keep your hairs healthy and tangle free. It brings so much of softness to hair. So, let’s start our Garnier conditioner review-

Price- AED 21/- (Shampoo and Conditioner)

Product claims-

A power blend infused with pure Extra virgin oil, rich in Vitamin E, that adds lost nutrition to dry, rough and severely depleted hair.

Roughness, dullness, frizz are signs of under-nourished hair. Only hair that is nourished from within can look shinier on the outside. The Ultra Blends Paraben free formula is blended with Virgin Olive Oil, that is rich in Vitamin E to help nourish and protect even the most dry and rough hair. Discover hair that is intensely nourished and incredibly easy to manage after every wash

Ingredients used-

My Experience with Garnier Ultra Blends Mythic Olive Oil Conditioner –

This conditioner comes in an olive-green bottle with a golden flip on it which makes the bottle look attractive. The flip is on lower side which make it bit risker to carry while travelling. The best thing is they have mentioned all the details on the bottle which make it easier to choose and know the content in it.

The texture of conditioner is creamy white and slightly thick in consistency, but it is easily spreadable on hairs. It has a very nice fragrance which stays for a longer time. When both the shampoo and conditioner is used together it gives a very nice result. You can seriously see the after effect and feel that hair has become smooth, soft and shiny. It also helps in reducing frizzyness and make it more wind friendly. Also, it is paraben free, which is a plus point.

I usually take a coin sized amount in my hands and spread it on my palm so that application is easier.  I have medium hair length, so I skip my scalp and roots of my hair and concentrate on mid of my hair length followed till tips. I massage it nicely on my roots for a 30 sec and then further keep it for 1 min and wash it off with normal water. Make sure you wash your hair properly and no product is left behind otherwise it will make your hair appear sticky and oily soon.

Tip to remember- Always apply conditioner from the mid length of your hair till roots. Never ever apply directly on your scalp or roots as it may cause hair fall because scalps itself produces oils to roots and nourishes them. So, sweetheart please keep your scalp away from conditioner as they are not meant for each other.

Overall, I think this conditioner work well when used with its mate (shampoo). It really makes hair feel shiny, soft and smooth. It nourishes tip of hair well which reduces tangles in hair and controls frizzyness. It makes your hair wind friendly what else a girl wants 😉


  • Nice packaging with good fragrance.
  • Details are mentioned properly.
  • Paraben free.
  • Makes hair shiny, soft and nourished.
  • Controls fizziness
  • Does not dry out hair


  • Cap is a little flimsy and not a travel friendly product.
  • Make hair appear oily after a day.
  • Has sulphates in it.

Will I buy this product again?

Yes. 😊

TVB rating- 4.3/5