Honey Lip Scrub- Lush Cosmetics- Product Review

Hey my lovely birds…

Today we are going to talk about lip scrub. In my last post we have discussed about body scrub then why ignore lips which plays a vital role. We all know smile has power to steal heart so its our duty to take care of the same. Continuous application of lipstick, lip balms or smoking addiction can harm our lips and make it appear darker and dull, so it is very important to exfoliate lips twice in a week. Lip Scrub are different from other scrubs as lips being sensitive, hard scrub cannot be used as it can damage lips. So, I will be reviewing Lush cosmetic- honey flavored lips scrub, let’s get started –

Price- AED 65/- for 20 gm

Product claims-

Stay honey-mouthed and sweet-lipped wherever you go. Rub this sugary scrub over your lips and let spoonful of honey smooth your smackers. The menthol of peppermint oil cools and freshens, while sweet wild orange oil gives you a buzz. Get your honey for nothing, get your lips for free.

Ingredients used-

My Experience with Lip Scrub “Honey” from Lush Cosmetics-

This Lip scrub comes in round shape small jar with black color lid on it where they have mentioned the name and flavor of lip scrub. Lush cosmetics product is all freshly handmade, and they have variety of flavor in this lip scrub. As I am slowly shifting to more organic products I have thought of giving a try to lush honey lip scrub. Packaging is pretty good but not that attractive. It comes in a sturdy transparent bottle with sticker on it, but you can see the product clearly from outside.

As name suggest there is a good amount of honey and sugar in it. When I opened the lid for the first time I loved the aroma of my lip scrub. It was a mix scent of vanilla, peppermint and chocolate. They have used very tiny sugar particles in scrub so that it can exfoliate well as well as it won’t damage the lips. When I took the small amount of scrub on my finger I have observed that it fells down so must be very careful while taking product out maybe you can use tissue to stop the fallout of product. Also, every time putting finger in that jar to take out product turned me off as I didn’t like, so I make sure to remove product from small spoon.

When I applied this product for the first time I was amazed by the aroma of my scrub. I have massaged scrub for 15 secs on lips with light handed and have noticed the oil getting evenly spread on my lips. I do have chapped and dry lips ‘coz I have a bad habit of biting my lips. But I am so happy with this product as it has really done wonders on my lips. When you massage this product on your lips you can witness dead skin or flakes coming out. I even didn’t mind when I ate little product during application as it tasted good (hahaha). The exfoliation worked pretty well on my lips making it look fresher than before.

After washing out my lips with water I have immediately seen the difference as it has made my lips smoother, lighter, pinkish and soft. It does not dry out your lips and keep it moisturized and you can also feel the oil on the lips. But ladies don’t forget to apply lip balm even if it doesn’t dry out your lips. After exfoliation make it compulsory to apply lip balm on lips so that it can retain it moisturized level making lips more subtle and smooth.

Overall, I liked the product as it has really worked well and won’t mind purchasing again. I do feel that product is bit pricey but I have also witnessed the immediate effect of the freshly handmade product. It made my lips appear smoother, soft, fuller and even pinkish.


  • Beautiful aroma
  • Freshly handmade cosmetic
  • Scrub is mild on lips
  • Exfoliate pretty wells
  • Suitable for sensitive lips
  • Travel friendly and easy packaging
  • Makes lips appear soft and smoother
  • Does not dry-out lips after scrubbing.


  • Pricey
  • Fragrance stays for shorter duration.
  • Product falls out while applying.

Will I buy this product again?


TVB rating- 4.5/5