Hot Air Balloon Ride- Dubai

Marhaba my birdies,

How’s the weekend coming along? Well I am coming up with one more adventurous blog which I had done last year. As this was a surprise planned by my partner, he just told me to wear something sporty as we are going for adventure. As always, the “little me” got super excited which made me to stay awake whole night. To reach on their given time, we started from home at 3.00 in morning as we had to reach destination point by 3. 45 Am. They are quite strict with their timing and hardly wait for anyone. We reached there and drum rolls please, I jumped with curiosity when got to know that we are doing Hot Air Balloon ride. Controlling my excitement level, we further entered mini bus where they gave us the pass to board the flight.

It was 5:00 Am and we reached the place where they gave us brief about the ride with do’s and don’ts. The most mesmerizing scene was to witness, the way they fill hot air balloon.

There is a particular temperature in the atmosphere in which these hot air balloons takes off and within 5 mins you are in the air 😀 :D.

We literally had to run and climb the basket which was fun. As we were gradually going up the beauty and sunrise was captivating.

If anyone likes the raw beauty will relish this ride as you can enjoy endless dessert dunes with different species.

We were 4000ft. high and the scene were eye-catching. The dessert gave illusion as water during sunrise which was amazing and in addition to this the cool breeze made the mood.

We were soon about to land, and the instructor had made it more adventurous by making the basket fall in the sand. We took some pics in the dessert, had some breakfast and left the place in an hour. All over it was a delightful experience. I hope you enjoyed the ride with me and will be back soon with another post, till then take care birdies.