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Today I will be reviewing Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Paint in shade Tomato Tango. I know it’s little late to review this product for those who has already purchased this but I guess still many ladies left out there to try this product. We all know last year there was a trend of gel manicure all over the globe as everyone was running behind gel style finish using those ultraviolet techniques. In lakme commercial Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan took the Indian market by storm flaunting her gel nail paint in such a sensual way that all ladies wanted the same gel finish on their nails.

Price- INR. 400 for 15ml

Product Claims-
Gel perfection on your nails is now a dream come true with Lakmé Absolute Gel Stylist nail colours. It delivers hi-shine, has great coverage and is available in rich and intense colors. Recommended by Lakmé Makeup Experts, get professional finish gel nails every single time.

Application guide-

  • Step 1: Twist cap and remove the excess product while removing the brush out.
  • Step 2: Place on the centre part of the nail just below the cuticle and drag below.
  • Step 3: Repeat process on both sides of the centre line, leaving no empty spots on the nail.
  • Step 4: Wait a couple of minutes and repeat the process – 2 coats are recommended.

My Experience with Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail Paint in shade Tomato Tango-

The Lakme Absolute Gel Stylist Nail polish comes in a fat cylindrical bottle with black top on it which really looks trendy. While holding this bottle in hand, it gives you a luxury feeling thinking of the effect it will give to your nails same like it was shown in Lakme advt. Lakme has launched nail paints in various shades suitable for everyone and their respective skin tone. When you see all the shades at a glance – you just get a WOW feeling, like having all of them at a go. I choose Tomato Tango shade as it was a different shade in red (in my language chatpata red) which is not easily available in other brands and mainly it was a red hot color which I really loved.

The texture of the nail paint is bright tomato red which gives intense feeling with a shine on it. It is neither thick nor running. It has a consistent flow which spreads easily and comfortably. The nail paint brush is superb as it spread the color on nail evenly without any hassle. When applied on nails, it gets spread smoothly giving very shiny and dazzling finish without leaving any patchy effect.

When I applied the first coat of the nail polish it dried within seconds giving glossy and shiny effect which really looks stunning on nails, I was damn impressed. But when you apply second quote wondering that it will dry quickly as first one you will be badly disappointed as it takes longer time to dry out completely. If you do not wait until it dries up, then there are chances that your nail paint will be ruined badly. So it is better to keep it for an hour or to put hand under running cold water to make it dry speedily. The best thing I liked about this nail paint is it gives perfect glossy, dazzling and shiny effect on each quote you apply as if nails are flaunting. 🙂

On my nails, shine stayed up to maximum 3 days and after that it started fading (Its life completely depend on how much you work in kitchen or how many times you wash your hand). After 3-4 days it will start clipping off from your nails which may lead to disappointment as you have paid heavy amount for this paint bottle. One more thing I liked about this paint was it did not turned my nails in yellow tone after removing from nail remover. As Lakme assured about the product it did not prove accurate and lead to disappointment. If you want a glow and gel finish for a day or two or say for a particular function then go for it but if you are thinking it to wear on daily basis then it may not work as per your expectations.


  1. Color texture is of high quality
  2. It is rich and sensual in color
  3. Brush bristle are very nice and comfortable to use
  4. Gives perfect glossy and shiny finish
  5. Spreads easily on nails without any hassle
  6. Shine stays up to maximum 3-4 days
  7. Occasional wear


  1. It has short durability
  2. Start Clipping off on the 3rd or 4th day
  3. Not a everyday wear
  4. Expensive for the quantity provided

Will I buy this product again?
No, Expensive.
TVB rating- 3.8/5