Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Yougurt Skin Brightening Masque Product Review

White Glow!! 😲

Have I heard it right?? Well, these days I have literally fallen in love with masque products. Its so handy and easy to apply plus save so much of your time. So, it is tagline on product which attracted me towards it. I am not that great fan of fairness product but brightening yes to get rid of dull skin which I literally don’t like it. As it name says Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Yogurt Skin Brightening Masque, made me curious to try this product. So, let’s get started with our tour…

Price- Rs 165 for 80 gm

Product claims- Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Yogurt Skin Whitening & Brightening Masque Enriched with Yogurt enzymes and Bearberry extract. Improves skin texture and makes the skin firmer. Provides complete nourishment for your skin.

How to use-

Apply a small amount of masque and spread it evenly on your wet skin. Wait till the masque dries completely, it starts stretching a bit once it has dries completely. Now wash your face gently with cold water Pat dry. Use twice a day for best results.

Ingredients used-

My Experience with Lotus Herbals Whiteglow Yougurt Skin Brightening Masque –

Lotus yogurt skin whitening and brightening masque is enriched with yogurt and bearberry extracts. Yogurt nourishes the skin well and gives an instant glow after use. It also helps to decrease the pore size and does not clog them either. Bearberry improves the skin impurities and cleanses them deeply which helps to keep you skin soft, gentle and supple. Isn’t interesting?

This product comes in white color tube packaging with silver color flip cap on it with make this product appear pretty cool. Plus, they have also mentioned product details on top of it with bearberry pic which make it little attractive. Flip cap of tube qualifies this product for travelling and it is also very easy to use. You can also find brief description of product behind the tube.

When you squeeze out some product you will be welcomed with good fragnance with a hue of bleach in it. Masque comes in white color and easily spreadable on skin. The consistency of product is good as it helps to apply cream effortlessly on skin. As it has mentioned for all skin type I have opted for this blindly as I am blessed with combination skin. Let’s move towards application part-

When you apply product on skin you will feel some burning sensation on skin after minute which happens when you apply bleach on skin. I have kept mask for good 15-20 mins, but it didn’t dry much so I extended it more for 5 mins and then rinsed off with normal water. You won’t believe, but you can see difference after first usage of product. I have tried it for 3 weeks and yes, I would say that my skin appeared brighter and glower. I won’t say it makes skin fair but yes it enhances the brightening of skin.  It is my quick handy product when I want my skin to appear fresh, glowy and bright before any event. Yes, my lovelies… this is it when I opt for. Personally, I liked this product as it is very affordable and on the mark for what it claims. As I don’t have pores much, so I am not sure how does it work on them but yes it has definitely made my skin appear soft, smooth, bright and glowy. I did not notice any breakout after usage plus it made my skin appear more firmer.

Let’s come to reality part, don’t go on the name of the product which it states Lotus herbal as this was also one reason why I opted for this product and I feel somewhere it is misleading customers. If you check its ingredient list you will come across name like paraffin, paraben which has chemicals in it. This chemical helps to brighten the skin just for a day or two which is again a disappointment.

Overall, I liked this product as what it is on what it states. It is travel friendly, affordable and easily available. It makes you skin appear brighter, glowy, fresh and smooth. Effect can be seen after 1st usage of application. It contains chemical which can damage skin in long run plus the name is misleading as it states herbal but contains chemical like paraben/ paraffin in it. Still ladies with budget restriction can opt for this product as they will surely see satisfactory results.


  • Affordable and travel friendly
  • Easily available
  • Attractive packaging
  • Makes skin appear bright, glowy, fresh and smooth
  • Make skin firmer
  • Did not see any breakout after use
  • Skin is supple, smooth and gentle
  • Effective for all skin type


  • Contains chemical like paraben, paraffin…
  • Contain bleach in cream
  • Masque doesnot dry quickly
  • Cannot keep track of leftover product

Will I buy this product again?


TVB rating- 3/5