Marriage- A Devotion!!

Dear Birdies…

It’s very difficult to choose this topic for writing. As “Marriage” definition varies from women to man and again to unmarried people which have set their certain assumption and perception about marriage by seeing their near around. But Marriage is all about “Devotion”. Devotion toward partners and their respective family.

I have seen youngsters saying this type of statement’ “mere parents bol rahe hai isliye mein shaadi kar rahi hu varna mujhe koi interest nai hai”; “mujhe shaadi kaarni nai hai”, “Shaadi karke kise phasna hai”, “marriage screw your life”; etc, which is not at all true. I guess they are more scared of losing their independence. They need to understand marriage is a blessing, it brings 2 souls together to build a dream castle for them as well as for their generations. Wherever you go in this world you have to adjust with some of the other thing whether it may new place, new friends, new neighbor, colleagues etc., then why we are blowing the trumpet stating that we have to adjust a lot with In-Laws. A lady need to understand that they didn’t got chance to see her since childhood so it will take time for them to understand you.


Getting married is completely a new phase of life. It takes us to another level of maturity. We usually have impression that we are matured enough to handle the situation but after marriage our maturity is put to test depending on situation how you handle it. It is abundant to discover each other in new way and situation. We should treasure, there is always a man whether he may be our “husband, brother or father”, supporting and inspiring us through every phase of life. We can say, “Behind every successful woman or happy woman there is always a supporting and inspiring man”. I have personally experienced it how my thoughts have been changed after marriage (for better of course), how beautifully they have treated me, I am more of daughter to them, and my things have been given the first priority, feels so lucky. It’s all about devoting yourself to the family and understanding love language of you partner.

We usually say that I am married to say Mr. X, but I personally believe that while taking those 7 vows you are getting married to his entire family and not that single person. We see our Mothers- Aunts giving tips to their angels “if you want to win every 1 heart first devotee yourself to them and then they will devote themselves to you”.

No doubt there will be a time when things are tough enough to tackle, may be your way of thinking, observing things and perception about life, things, goals is different from you partner, which does not mean that your partner does not care for you or love you, it just you need to take extra effort to explain your partner in some other way round. We need to remind our self that nothing is “FREE” in this world. We have to struggle for each and everything we desire. To start anything and to end anything is easy but to continue or maintain is difficult. Let’s say entering in to new relationship is easy and if it’s not working well than breaking off is too easy but maintenance of relationship is difficult. For any relationship to work we have to nurture, sacrifice and feed relationship to make it sustain. As said “Maintenance is more costly than starting and ending anything”.

Friends, everything in this world needs Devotion. One who is devoted will achieve their paths.  I always want my children to see marriage as a blessing, not a curse; a beautiful expression of God’s grace toward us. As I have seen my parents’ marriage filled with love and devotion towards each other. Our children may be watching us, be careful when you act because it can set a blot in their mind for marriage.

Never forget “A Wise women build her home but the foolish woman tear it down with her own hand.”

Take your time, give them time and believe that everything happens, happens for good till then take care my friend. Be optimist #be yourself# God Bless!!