Moscow- Golden Ring- Vladimir and Suzdal

Hey My Birdies…

Let’s start with my last day of trip to Golden Ring City tour- Vladimir and Suzdal

On the way to our first destination…

I still can’t get over this trip… Last day of my trip… This trip was planned by my partner. As I told in my previous post that we have researched a lot and with that have opted to visit these places and no doubt it was the correct choice… As usual we had started our day from our hotel by 8:00 sharp in morning to avoid well known Moscow traffic. We have booked this trip from Dubai itself and luckily, we were the only passenger for that trip. In short, it became our private trip… Our Guide Mr. Oleg was awesome person and I will surely share his detail below… May be this blog will fall short of words for his appreciation; he was outstanding and very friendly.

Let’s start our trip to Moscow countryside- Vladimir

We started our journey with Vladimir as it was 2 hours’ drive from our destination. The climate was rosy chilled and very pleasant. Soft and shiny sun-rays were pleasing my skin. I enjoyed the ride to Vladimir as country side is very awesome, so much of greenery such a pleasing beauty for eyes. The best part is you will see lots of berry tree and apple tree on the way with lot of Dacha (A farm-house). The trip became more interesting with our guide as I told he was very friendly plus we had lot of interaction with him topics related with Russia including how they live their life, how they celebrate, what are their festivals etc. Trip become more memorable when you get a good company and also, he was so kind that wherever I used to tell him to stop for photography he used too and even he took ample of pics of ours during entire trip.

We were very accurate as per itinerary set for us. We visited golden gates, Assumption Cathedral, Public park which was near to Assumption Cathedral, St. Demetrius’ Cathedral and, they have taken us to the Museum located besides Golden Gates. Our guide has hired a local guide named Ms. Natalia who explained us everything properly about history and place which was quite interesting. After she left, Assumption Cathedral was again explained by our guide Mr. Oleg very nicely. He really explained us each painting on wall, reason behind it, very interesting.

After our tour we headed for our lunch and I must tell being vegetarian this was best meal I ever had in any foreign country so far. He really respected our choice and prepared food accordingly. I didn’t see that he compromised on our food, trip or answering our any questions.

In museum

Suzdal– Yeah… The most beautiful I came across.

Evening view

After a sumptuous lunch in Vladimir, we headed our trip to Suzdal which was approx.1 hour from Vladimir. There also he hired local guide for us named Ms. Natalia. She was so sweet and kind. The beauty of place stole my heart, I kept on murmuring this song “Yeh Mausum ka Jaddu hai Mithwa”, in such a romantic climate. I really fell in love with this place. Beautiful windows and door decorated outside house, trees both the side of road, cozy climate and beautiful people.  I was more interested in photos as I wanted to capture each beautiful angle of that place through my lenses as at last what stay with us is these pictures as memories. We visited Suzdal Kremlin, which was a fortress and a residence of Russian Prince and Museum of Wooden Architecture, which is a recreated Russian village with farm houses, churches, well and wind mills. If you visit this place don’t forget to try their special drink named “honey mead”, which you can find only there. It tasted awesome. Also, Moscow is famous for Vodka, so you can taste different flavors of it, the most popular “premium” Russian vodka in Moscow.

Honey Mead

After a wonderful visit we left for Moscow as it was 2 hours’ drive. We have just listened about Moscow traffic, but we have witnessed it too. We were badly stuck in traffic for 4 hours and reached hotel by 12:45 in night which was terrific. Now I have to say that I witnessed everything. I really liked this Russian people… they are so kind, warm-hearted and helpful, the only problem is communication but even they will go out of their way to explain you or guide you through their gestures/ body language.

Wooden Architecture

Such a memorable trip of the year; meeting new people, places and having awesome experiences. There are many small small memories which are not covered here but they will always stay in my heart forever.  If you want a memorable trip I would strongly recommend him and with this I sign off from here. Thank you all for joining me in this journey. Hope will be very soon with other travel post. Till then be optimist, be happy, as life is precious and comes with lots of Surprises. Take care…

Our Guide- Mr. Oleg and Ms. Natalia

Listed below is our itinerary and contact details of our guide-


08:00 – Departure from your hotel or meeting point to Vladimir by car.
12:00 – Sightseeing tour of Vladimir including Golden Gates and Assumption cathedral
13:00 – Lunch in Vladimir (included in the cost). Let us know in advance if you are a vegetarian or require any other diet.
15:00 – Tour of Suzdal Kremlin, which was a fortress and a residence of Russian Prince and Wooden art museum, which is a recreated Russian village with farm houses, churches, well and wind mills.
17:00 – Departure to Moscow.
21:00-23:00 – Arrival to Moscow.


Mr. Oleg Alexandrov.
Inbound Tour Operator (Moscow, Russia)
+7-916-586-0804 (24 hour phone, English)
(you can also find him and his details on tripadvisor)