New Home- Things calling

Hey my wonderful souls…

Today I am going to share my experience which I have learnt by my own in-short span of time when I was newly shifted to Dubai, in a new country where it is impossible for your mother to be there besides you. Setting up a home from scratch is very difficult task. Honestly, I was not a kitchen person so for me setting kitchen was something like a huge task for me but it also gave me joy as it was my home, decorated and fashioned as per my imaginations…

For all my angels who are getting married or soon will be setting up their new home, here is the list of things to be purchased-

Kitchen-If affordable you can order complete kitchen set from Tupperware which cost around 25-30k or else you can create your own kitchen set-

  • 3/4 Gas stove, Refrigerator, Microwave/ oven, Oven Mitten
  • Idle steamer, Mixer grinder, Sandwich maker, Hand-mixer, Ice tray, Coffee mixer, fridge bottle- set 4/6
  • Knife and chopper, Kitchen towel and Apron, Kitchen trolley, Dish Drainer
  • Rolling pin (bellan) and Board, Spice Box, Salt box, Tongs, churners, high hipped platter (parat)
  • Cooking utensils- 14 or 21 pc cooking set of prestige including cooking spoon
  • Crookery- at least for 6 people including (6 plates, 6 bowls, 2 serving bowls, 2 serving spoons), 24 pc cutlery set (spoon, knife and fork), Tea/coffee set for 6/12 guest, Set of Coffee, tea and sugar, Tray- set of 3,Glass set including jug, Dessert bowl, Soup bowl
  • 3 set of pan, Nonstick pan, Cooker- 2 ltr and 5 ltr, Storage boxes of 500mg- 10 pc, 750 mg- 8pc, 1kg-8pc, 2.5-5 ltr- 4-5 pc
  • Hot Pot- 2, Kadai- 2-3 and Stackable pots (Bartan)- set of 3/5, copper bottom with lid, vegetable chopper
  • Potato masher, Grater, Peeler and Lemon squeezer, Measuring spoons and cup, Strainer, Sieves (Chani), Tin opener, and Bottle opener
  • Magical mop set, Broom Kit, Dustbin.


  • Set of Bath Towel, face towel, Napkins, storage bag
  • Shower curtain, Paper roll, Tissue Box
  • Dustbin, Bathroom cleaner Brush, Laundry bag
  • Hand wash, Toothbrush and paste holder
  • Bathroom/ Durable mat set, Bucket, Mug
  • Sponge, Loofah, hand, body and foot scrubber.


  • Dressing table with drawers (must have), makeup organizer boxes
  • Wardrobes, side table, Good full length mirror
  • Master Bed, Mattresses, Bed linen,Quilts, Pillows, Bedspreads, Rugs, Blankets & throws, Cushions & cushion covers
  • Beanbag, Curtain and Blinds, curtain rods and rails.
  • Floor lamps,Wall lamp or Table
  • Dustbin, Shoe rack or shoe storage in the passage

Living room-

  • Tv cabinet, Coffee table (center table), Sofa 5 seater
  • Rugs, cushion and cushion cover, Curtains/Blinds, curtain rods and rails.
  • Floor lamps,Wall lamp or Table Lamp, Lanterns, wall clock, Hanging planter, artificial plant, plant pots and different indoor plants.
  • Beanbag, Vase, Photo frame, Candles and candle holders/stand, Oil burner/ diffuser, Air revitalizer, Room spray/perfumes
  • Dining Table and chairs, Table runner, Salt and Pepper, Napkin ring/holder, placemat or table mat, Coasters, Door mats.

It is worth to quote – “A HOUSE is made by bricks and cement, but a HOME is made by hearts……”

Ladies, I have tried to cover almost every things which is necessary and hope I have made your thing more simple and easy. Till then be optimist, be happy, as life is precious and comes with lots of Surprises. Take care…