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This is for the first time I will be reviewing Nivea product on my blog. I have tried and tested many product from this brand like body creams, lip balm, face wash and now shower gel. Practically all shower gels on the market today are PH balanced. Some shower gels are herb-infused, and some claim aroma therapeutic benefits. This shower gel are so mild and soothing that we can use it as a shampoo also. A good shower gel always refreshes your day and makes your skin happy. Let’s come and explore this product-
Price- AED 10 for 250ml

Nivea Powerfruit Fresh Shower Gel claims-

  • Revive your senses with the vibrant scents of Acai Berry while this refreshing shower gel with anti-oxidants and blueberry turns into a soft foam- to leave you feeling reloaded and full of energy.
  • PH skin balanced
  • Skin Compatibility dermatologically approved
  • Moisturized skin feeling even after towel drying.

Ingredient Used-

My personal experience with Nivea Powerfruit fresh Shower Gel:
I was just going through the shower gel shelf in supermarket where this beauty has attracted me towards it. It comes in lavender color bottle with white color cap on it which has a flip flap locking system with blueberry photo printed on it. I really loved the packaging of this product as it is very classy and sturdy, may be the color combination used is more attractive to buy this product. The locking system of this bottle is so tight that it holds product to come out which makes this beauty a travel friendly one. I personally like the transparent color bottle where we are able to check the left out product.
First impression of this product knocked my mind when I have opened the flap of bottle and it has greeted me with a beautiful acai berry fragrance. The texture of gel is transparent in color. It has a thin and running consistency so we have to be little careful while pouring the product on loofah. This product goes well with loofah as it gives more latter rather than directly applying on damp skin; also it is antioxidant in nature which removes damaging agent from the body. The smell soothes the mind and relaxes the body. It makes skin clean, soft and smooth. After towel dry it does not make your skin dry and even if you don’t apply moisturizer for 3-4 hours you will not feel that your skin is feeling itchy or dry.

Its fragrance stay for 5-7 mins which is little disappointing also it just cleans the skin but does not help in removing tan or lighten skin tone. After 1 week of use it will make no difference in your skin texture, tone or quality. Out of all this the biggest disadvantage of this product is, it comes with lot of chemicals which is not healthy for your skin.
Overall, I liked the product for the price they have charged. It has wonderful fragrance making your skin moisturized, clean, smooth and fresh with balanced PH formula. I wished if product scent has stayed for little longer time. This product completely justifies to it price charged and does not burn your pockets.

  • Budgeted
  • PH Balanced
  • Travel friendly
  • Nice packaging and have amazing berry fragrance
  • Cleanse, moisturize and smoothen the skin
  • Dermatological approved
  • Little amount of gel is sufficient with loofah


  • Fragrance staying power is too low say 5 min
  • Product consistency is thin and runny
  • It contains chemicals/parfum
  • After 1 week this product will make no difference in your body texture, tone or quality

Will I purchase this product again?
No, I would prefer to try organic product.
TVB Rating- 3/5