Real Techniques- Your Picks ‘Berlin’ Makeup Brush Set Review (Limited Edition)

Hola my beautiful souls…

Hope you all are doing fine. Yes, I am back after a break and again with a Real Techniques brand. I have purchased these brush set last December 2016, as it was a Limited Edition Set called ‘Your Picks Berlin’. This set contains five fan favorite must-have make-up brushes for face and eyes. The inspiration for this design came from the multi-cultural Berlin street art scene, with the brushes reflecting abstract paintings, street murals and graffiti. All the brushes are cruelty free and are made from 100% synthetic duo fibres, so they can be used with liquids, creams and powders. We all know Real Techniques is a brand that offers high quality make-up brushes and tools with an affordable price. Though this product is not available as it was a limited edition but at least you can have an idea about these brushes and can purchase individual brush plus they keep on launching the limited edition sets over a period of time with a pink/purple touch to it. So, let’s have a closure look!

Price- AED 116.63 (Available online)

Product Description:

FAN VOTED WINNING DESIGN. We have combined fan favorite must have brushes with a fan voted design to create this limited edition your picks set. Buffing brush ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation. Contour brush delicately applies highlighter to contour or create sheer, soft focus finish. Stippling brush 2 bristle types and lengths distribute product for a feathery finish. Deluxe crease brush soft, oversized design for effortless contouring. Base shadow brush applies a smooth, flawless foundation of color. Creative Inspiration street art scene of Berlin, Germany. Street artists and painters from around the world contribute to the graffiti, murals, and paintings in Berlin.

My first Experience with Berlin Limited Edition –

Let me tell you frankly here, when I was ordering Real Technique brush set online this beauty has catched my eye. The design which they gave to the brush was awesome. It was more of a black and white strips design which we can also say as Zebra strips with a purple color handle at the bottom, ‘RT’ logo printed on it. These brush bristles has duo color i.e. black topped with white which has definitely added grace to this product. The brush handle is made of aluminium, so they are very light in weight and comfortable to hold. The best part about this brush is they have named each brush at bottom with pink color which makes it easy to recognize. It gives you such a royal feeling when holded and while doing makeup. I really became the fan of this print and color combination which made this brush set a dazzling beauty product.

As I said this kit contains 5 full sized brushes for both face and eyes i.e. a buffing, stippling and contour brush used for the face and a delux crease and base eye shadow brush for the eyes.

1. Buffing Brush- is a fluffy and solid brush, ideal for full coverage application of powder and mineral foundation. The bristle shape is nicely rounded. This is my one of my favorite brush and have used this for re-applying my setting powder. I always carry this brush with me as the way its blend the product on my face is just amazing.

2. Stippling Brush- has two bristle types, white part that is sparse and a black part is very dense. This brush is least favorite from the whole collection. You can use this brush by picking up liquid foundation on the tips of the brush, apply on the different spots on your face in using round motions with the dense part to create a feathery finish. I have to use sponge after using this brush so not much satisfied.

3. Contour Brush- is a fluffy, small sized domed brush, which delicately applies bronzer and highlighter creating a sheer, soft-focus finish. I personally rather use this as a contouring brush since it fits perfectly inside the hollows of my cheeks and sheers out the contour powder and cream very nicely. Also, I have used it as a highlighter which has turned out very well.

4. Delux Crease Brush- has a soft, oversize dense brush used for effortless contouring in the crease. I use this for applying eye-shadow all over my eyelid. They are perfect to counter crease look on the eye. This crease brush is thicker and perfect to apply the wash of colour all over your eyelid.

5. Base Eye Shadow Brush- is a soft, flat and fluffy brush used to apply a base of color on the lids. This brush picks up powdered or baked eye-shadow very well. It is soft and perfect for blending the product.

Let’s talk about cleaning brush- They’re very easy to clean with a bit of baby shampoo or body wash and trust me will last years if you take proper care of them. I personally have been using this brush from last 15 months and never had faced any problem using makeup. Also, after washing I have never seen bristles getting weak or fading it.

Overall, I think all brushes are pretty impressive except stippling brush. I always liked Real Techniques Brushes as they are very soft, high on quality and can be used for multiple purposes, depending on your preferences. This brush is also perfect for starters but also for make-up enthusiast like me.

Look created using only this brushes- 

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Tip- After cleaning brush with mild shampoo or body wash do apply conditioner for 15 sec and then wash it. It maintains the longevity of the product.

TVB rating- 4.5/5 (-.5 for stippling brush)