The Face Shop Real Nature Kelp Sheet Mask- Review and Swatches

Lovelies, its been long I didn’t review any face mask and so decided to took a challenge for myself to try different face mask for straight 7 days i.e. #7days7mask. There are many new mask which I am supposed to try for the first time and  this is one of them which I will be applying today. I am so excited to share reveiw of each mask and I am starting my 1st day with Kelp purifying sheet mask from the brand The Faceshop. Are you ready gurls… 🙂

Price- Aed. 16/- (In India you can get it from Nykaa)

Product Claims & Ingredients-

My Experience with The Face Shop Real Nature Kelp Sheet Mask-

This sheet mask comes in a plastic pouch which resembles the nature of mask on its packaging. The beauty of packaging is it mentions the picture of product and name of mask on top and behind the pouch it mentions entire detail and instruction of mask and its usage. When you open the pouch, you will be welcomed by beautiful fragrance. The mask is soaked well in serum, which is transparent, watery and little greasy. Be carefully while opening the sheet as it is very delicate and can be torn if not unfolded correctly. Fabric used to make sheet mask is very soft and gentle on skin.

Few things to know about Kelp-

Kelp Extract in skincare is perfect for anyone with dry and flaky patches of skin, due to its high iodine content. It’s mineral and antioxidant rich and is known to help soften and hydrate dry skin. It also helps your skin to retain moisture, keeping it hydrated for longer. Kelp contains minerals that penetrate the skin and remove toxins. It is also rich in anti-oxidants, which are known to help protect your skin against UVA rays, external aggressors and daily pollution.

This Kelp mask is for purifying and to tone tired skin chapped and stressed by the elements living it smooth and clear.

As mentioned on the sheet I have washed my face and applied the sheetmask on my face. The fragrance is really great and it calms down and relaxes your mood. As the mask is of universal size I really had to give time to adjust the sheet on my face. I kept the mask for good 20 minutes and after that I have massaged and patted my face with hand so that skin absorb the leftover serum. After washing my face with normal water, I have sensed some burning sensation on my forehead and cheeks leaving it little red. Also, my skin dried out which made me to apply good amount of moisturiser. So, this mask really did not work well on my skin so not sure what wonders it will do on dry skin type. Though it made my skin look smooth, toned and fresh but I felt that someone has squeezed my face which means this mask is not for me.

Overall, I am not happy with this sheet mask as it didn’t work well on my skin except leaving it fresh, silky and smooth. In the entire process I didn’t felt anything but suddenly after washing face I saw redness and felt irritation on my cheeks and forehead plus it dried out my skin which made me to apply good amount of moisturiser. But remember ladies, every skin type is different so if it didn’t work well on mine that does not mean it won’t work on your skin type.


  • The sheet mask is well soaked in the serum
  • Nice fragrance
  • Refreshes and tone skin
  • Make skin appear smooth and silky


  • The fit of the mask is not good
  • Dried out my skin
  • Sensed some irritation/redness on my forehead and cheeks
  • Dimethicone may cause irritation to sensitive skin

Will I buy this product again?


TVB rating- 2.5/5