The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Citron Sheet Mask- Review

Is’nt it’s difficult to maintain your skincare routine when you have so many roles to play. Being a working woman with 9:30 hours of job its sometimes very tiring to even see at a skincare product and to follow that regimen. So here I came across with this product which can help any tiring women to maintain their skin in this polluted environment. Yes, I am taking about face mask sheet product which I recently encountered from brand The Face shop.

The Face shop masks are all specially designed with selected ingredients to improve the skin with each use. Different sheet masks have different focal ingredients to help you achieve the desired skin finishes and different problem healers. From lemon and blueberry, to kelp and honey, there is a sheet mask out there to help address your skin concerns. I have bought 7 masks plus 7 mask free on it which was an win- win deal for me. So, let’s begin this journey and explore each mask-

Price- Aed. 16/- for 20 g

Product Claims & Ingredients-

My Experience with The Face Shop Real Nature Lemon Citron Sheet Mask-

This sheet mask comes in a plastic pouch which resembles the nature of mask on its packaging. When you open the pouch of mask you can see a white sheet mask with a citrus scent welcoming you. This mask is watery and has glycerine and oil properties in it, which keeps your face hydrated. The serum of mask is bit heavy and sticky. You have to carefully open the sheet as it is wet and can be chances of getting torn. These lemon Citron mask is for brightening your dull skin and to even out skin tone.

As mentioned on the sheet I have washed my face before applying the mask sheet. When I first put the sheet on my face I found a bit heavy on my skin but at the same time the fragrance of mask overwhelmed me. After few seconds of mask, you will feel your skin getting relaxed and refreshed. As the mask comes in free size so it can be difficult to fit on face and hence have to adjust the eye and nose section of sheet on face. I have kept mask for good 20 minutes and after that I have massaged the sheet on my face so that serum gets deeply penetrated into my skin. After cleaning face with normal water I have experienced a glow on my face but couldn’t see much brightening effect on my skin which has bit disappointed me. Also I wished that this mask would have worked on my dark spots, blemishes, pigmentation but it didn’t in-spite of having lemon properties in it. I have felt some sort of irritation on my cheeks and forehead. Though it has made my skin soft, supple, fresh and velvety but at the same time it dried out my skin which made me to apply good amount of moisturizer. My face looked radiant for the entire day so its a good mask to use before any party or event.

Overall, I am happy to see the glow and shine on my skin. It helped my skin to recover its freshness and texture by making it smooth, velvety and supple. I was expecting a good amount of brightness which does not mean my skin getting turned white 😀 but it didn’t work well on that part. The tiredness on my skin was disappeared and was so happy to see my skin smiling. I wished this mask would have worked on dark spots, blemishes, pigmentation and tan. It has also made my skin dry so i am not sure how this will work on dry skin type peeps.

But remember ladies, every skin is different so if it didn’t work well on mine that does not mean it won’t work on your skin tone. The attendants have told me that this is one of the most selling mask in their shop so yes, I am going to give another try to this mask making sure my opinion on the same.


  • The sheet mask is well soaked in the serum
  • Nice and mild citrus fragrance
  • Instantly glow skin
  • Make skin smooth and supple


  • The fit of the mask is not good
  • Didn’t work on blemishes, dark spots, pigmentation and tan
  • Dried out my skin
  • Noticed irritation and itchiness

Will I buy this product again?


TVB rating- 3/5