The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Purifying Sheet Mask- Reviews & Swatches

Here I am introducing my Model for today and let’s put your hand together for Lotus Face mask. In skin care, lotus cleanses and purifies, while providing the antioxidant protection that we gain from so many natural botanical ingredients. So, it’s a hydrating, purifying sheet mask lotus flower infuses skin with moisture, leaving it feeling clean. Read further for more details-

Price- Aed. 16/- for 20 g (In India you can get it from Nykaa)

Product Claims & Ingredients-

My Experience with The Face Shop Real Nature Lotus Sheet Mask-

This sheet mask comes in a plastic pouch which resembles the nature of mask on its packaging. The beauty of packaging is it mentions the picture of product and name of mask on top and behind the pouch it mentions entire detail and instruction of mask and its usage. When you open the pouch, you will be welcomed by beautiful fragrance. The mask is soaked well in serum, which is transparent, watery and little greasy. Be carefully while opening the sheet as it is very delicate and can be torn if not unfolded correctly. Fabric used to make sheet mask is very soft and gentle on skin.

Few things to know about Lotus benefits-

The lotus is full of compounds that benefit the skin, including antioxidants, flavonoids, fatty acids, proteins, vitamins, and minerals that lead to a more nourished and brighter complexion. Like most plant ingredients, it provides many benefits at once, but here are a few of the standouts:
Purifies: Use lotus on your skin and you may notice a minimized appearance of your pores and your face feeling more fresh and vibrant.
Soothes: The lotus has natural moisture that conditions and hydrates.
Exfoliates: Like hibiscus, lotus has natural alpha-hydroxy acids that help exfoliate and restore a youthful look.
Firms and tightens: The proteins in lotus help firm and tighten.

When I opened the pouch, the floral scent lingered my nose. I applied the mask as mentioned on the sheet and kept it for good 20 minutes. I could feel my skin getting more hydrated than before and swear to god I sensed my mask is getting warmer as it was soaking all the heat from my face. When I removed the mask, my skin was super radiant and shiny. I patted my hand on face and allowed the serum to go deep in to the skin. After washing face with normal water, I didn’t feel applying any moisturiser on face as it was fully hydrated. My face was looking radiant, fresh and suppler. My skin appeared smoother and clearer than before, but this does not mean that it has reduced my dark spots. It has deeply purified my skin from within.

Overall, it’s one of my favourite masks now as its hydrating properties are awesome. Once you take out mask after 20 min the difference is visible. You will instantly see skin getting shiny, glowy and more chubbier. It purifies skin from within. I am sure it will do wonders on dry skin if this is a result on combination skin. So, it’s a GO for this face mask 😊

  • The sheet mask is well soaked in the serum
  • Amazing aroma
  • Make skin clear and smooth
  • It purifies and hydrates skin from within
  • Can see skin radiant and clean instantly


  • The fit of the mask is not good
  • Does not work on darkspot
  • Dimethicone may cause irritation to sensitive skin

Will I buy this product again?
Yes. It has taken place in my skincare box.
TVB rating- 4.3/5