The Faceshop Real Nature Potato Face mask- Review and Swatches

Is potato beneficial for Skin?

Well, we all know potato is great for skin they help treat acne and other skin conditions like dark spots and blemishes. Let’s have a kick start to 2nd day and today I will be reviewing Potato Soothing mask which provides cooling sensation to relieve skin that looks tired due to exposure to strong sunlight. So lets get started with this-

Price- Aed. 16 for 20g (In India you can get it from Nykaa)

Product Claims &Ingredients-

My Experience with The Face Shop Real Nature Potato Sheet Mask-

This sheet mask comes in a plastic pouch which resembles the nature of mask on its packaging. The beauty of packaging is, it mentions the picture of product and name of mask on top and behind the pouch it mentions entire detail and instruction of mask and its usage. When you open the pouch, you will be welcomed by beautiful fragrance mostly a floral fragrance. The mask is soaked well in serum, which is transparent, watery and little greasy. Be carefully while opening the sheet as it is very delicate and can be torn if not unfolded properly. Fabric used to make sheet mask is very soft and gentle on skin.

As mentioned on the sheet I have washed my face, toned it and applied the mask on my face. The fragrance is really great and it calms down and relaxes your mood. As the mask is of universal size I really had to give time to adjust the sheet on my face. After 10 mins of application I could feel cooling sensation on my skin making it completely relaxed and calm. I kept the mask for good 20 minutes and after that I have massaged and patted my face with hand (as mentioned) so that skin absorb the left over serum in it. After washing my face with normal water, I can see that instant brightening on my face. In the entire process, I didn’t felt any sort of irritation or redness on my skin but I could feel my skin moisturized and hydrated after that. Though I could not see any reduction in dark spot and blemishes except brightening up my skin and making it appear more fresh.

Overall, I liked this sheet mask and it’s a thumbs up from my side as the cooling sensation of mask really help to calm down your sun exposed or say tired skin by instantly brightening up and making it look fresher and more radiant. Don’t expect any changes in your dark spots, blemishes or tan but you will definitely experience your skin is getting more hydrated and better.


  • Soothing mask for sun exposed skin
  • Nice floral fragrance
  • Cooling sensation of mask calms down and relaxes tired skin
  • After was skin look more fresh, bright and glowy
  • Didn’t notice any irritation or breakout on my skin
  • Skin is more hydrated and moisturized


  • The fit of the mask is not good
  • Effect stays till next day
  • Does not work on dark spots, blemishes or on tan

Will I buy this product again?


TVB rating- 4/5