Tips to Travel with Infant (0-2 year old)

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Recently I have travelled to Zanzibar with my 1 year old son and it was a whole new experience. Being a new mom plus travelling with an infant in this pandemic is not less than any adventure. I had done lots and lots of research on which things are important and necessary to carry during travel. If you are travelling single you will have different experience compared to travelling with partner Vs. travelling with baby as your whole concept of travelling will be changed. If you love travelling this shouldn’t be that hard with the baby. These small little human loves travelling and meeting new people as much as we do. They love exploring the world with all their 5 senses putting to work. So, I thought to share this information with you all as it will be very handy and helpful. As it is going to be long post, have your coffee beside you. Happy reading 😊

Tips to travel with Infant-

1. Baby’s passport- Many of you know but still let me say here that baby do need passport to travel so keep it with you in your passport bag. Baby are safe to board flight after 2 weeks of their birth, I would suggest to always consult your doctor before travelling and take all the advice and safety measure prescribed by the doctor. Also read airline policies and if needed call the Airline customer care no to clear the doubt regarding baby’s travel. Make sure the name entered during booking matches the passport name.

2. Booking seat- If you are booking online always try to book the seat in the first row or in middle row near to exit gate. And if you are booking the seat at the Airline counter, always ask them to provide you the seat with a leg space and they will help you in getting the best seat possible which will be convenient for you and the baby. {Tip- Always take window seat so that breast feeding will be pretty easy.} You can also request for empty seat besides you.

3. Travel insurance- Make sure you have the travel insurance for you all yes even for baby. This is very important when you are travelling abroad, mishaps can happen anytime so this can save you from long bills.

4. Security Check- This can be little tiring for the parents. The stroller, bags, phone everything has to go through the metal detector machine during check in and check out so be ready for that. I would recommend you carry light weighted stroller with you.

5. Boarding on a plane- you will be privileged on airport ‘coz of baby as they will put you on the priority or in family line which will make your queue shorter. I would suggest to either board plane early so that you can have space to keep your luggage above your seat or board at last so that you can avoid all the crowd and baby will not be fussy.

6. Ask for the bassinet- Once boarded in the plane always ask for bassinet when travelling for long hours flight. International flights do carry with them and this would help baby to relax and enjoy the journey. {Do check this with the airline if they provide this}

7. Book everything in advance- Make sure before leaving your home you book all the hotel stay, airport transfer, cabs, taxi in advance. There are many websites and apps which will help you during booking. After long flight especially with baby, I am sure you would like to have an hazzle free airport transfer.

8. Travel light with baby-the first rule of traveling with the baby is to travel light. The lighter is your bag, more easy is your life. Have a bag pack which will have all the necessary things demanded by a baby while travelling. The important things are baby’s diaper, clothes, food, and rattle toys. Also, baby’s parents should have minimum weightage of bag with them as this would make their journey easy in case if you have to take public transport or have to travel through train. We carried 2 bags including the little one, laptop bag and a diaper bag. If you are relaxed and happy, baby will too.

9. Baby carrier- Yes you heard it right, you need this during travel. It makes you very mobile and fast. We used this in Zanzibar almost every day as stroller can’t go on a beach plus we had boat trips, so it was so handy, and it was our best decision to carry with us. Baby carriers distribute baby’s weight evenly, so you don’t feel burdened on the chest. Also, baby feel safe and secure when close to your heart. Note that do not directly use the gear on travel make sure you have already introduced this to your baby or else baby can behave differently.


10. Baby Diapers- The blunder we did was carried a huge packet (mega box) of diapers with us which has occupied most of our space in the bag. All I want to say is carry 3 days diaper with you and rest you can purchase at the destination once arrived. If you are travelling to beach destination dont forget to carry swim diaper pants. {Note- please do not make baby sleep in their crib with swim pants on, as they don’t soak the pee.}

11. Breastfeed baby- If you are still breastfeeding the baby then wohooo you have saved some more space in the bag by not carrying extra gear. I have breastfeed my baby on travel which has made things so easy. All I needed was a feeding scarf and ask not, I have feed him on beach, on boat, airport, on a bench, whenever the baby demanded. In addition to this, it is absolutely normal to breast feed child in public this I have realized it pretty well and for all the would-be moms I would say it’s completely normal to breast feed your baby in public.

Feeding scarf Link-

12. Means of transport- During our entire trip we have hired a car with a guide to show us the place and this is the 2nd important rule to do. It’s okay to spend little extra but trust me you will have hazzle free and relaxed trip. Our guide was chilled out person and half of the time he was nanny to my baby which was a huge relief. If you are low on budget and want to take public transport make sure you use proper baby gear to avoid any last moment hassles. The rule is- If parents are relaxed, baby enjoy more.

13. Carry fruits and fav snacks of baby- If you are travelling with below 6 months old infant then he is completely on breast milk or formula and if the baby is above 6 months I would suggest you to carry some snacks with you while on a go like puffed rice, salted Makhana, Fruits (banana, strawberry, avocado, oranges), fresh squeezed juice and coconut water when you are in local area. This will sort half of the things and of course their cereals. Also look for restaurant in advance so that you know where to go and this will save time.

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14. Electric Stove- Third most important thing to carry with you on trip. We are pure vegetarian which leaves us with limited options. So, we carried electric stove with us and our baby food was sorted. We cooked food for the baby in this and cleaning was super easy plus handy. During our stay, we have witnessed rains which has lead to hot cooked Maggie in our cozy room with chilled drinks.


15. Restaurant and baby- This is little tricky here but not that difficult if you understand the baby needs and demand. Almost everyday we reached late to restaurant for the dinner and there were times that baby behaved cranky for the reasons like weather is not favourable or hunger or a tiring day. Make sure to breast feed them or give them their fav food or snack so they are full and back to their happy mood. If possible, change their clothes (light clothing) in the washroom and you will see the immediate difference. They will be more relaxed and back to their happy mood.

16. Hotels and Crib- This is the fourth important thing. Before booking always check with the hotel, are they Kids friendly. Talk to them over call or the chat with them through the website app. Clear all the doubts before booking. In every hotel we stayed, we have clearly asked them to provide us with the crib for our son. This will sort you out, trust me. Baby will have its own space to relax and won’t be disturbed by your movements.

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17. Toys you need- All you need is rattle toys which makes some sound and small stuffed toys like teddy bear, dog, monkey which can occupy little space in the bag. I just carried rattle and teething toy and rest we gave him was empty bottle, plastic plates and spoon so that he is engaged with them.


18. Doctor- This is the fifth important point to keep in mind. While booking hotels, we didn’t paid much attention to this point but please it’s a request make sure that the hotel you are staying is having a doctor present in the hotel or near by to your hotel there is a clinic or hospital. Our 2nd last day in the hotel was tough as there was a bee bite on the eyelid of my son; we were lucky enough that we had the doctor present in the hotel and got timely medicine. So please always keep this in mind with kids you are unpredictable.

19. Give time to baby- When you reach your destination give some time to your baby to settle down as it is a huge change for him/her. From weather, to surrounding and place where he stays. Some baby may cry and won’t be comfortable and other may be very happy and will quickly settle in. Figure it out and carry things appropriately.

20. Diaper Bag- Carry a diaper bag where you go. Make sure you have 1 extra set of clothes, changing mat, 5 diapers, wet tissues, sanitizer bottle & spray, one toy to chew, 1 fruit, warm water, cerelac, spoon and bowl, 2 zip lock pouches and 3 trash bag to through dirty diapers.


21. Sleep schedule- Mentally be prepared that their sleep schedule is going to be disturbed. Cope with it and try to create a cozy atmosphere when they sleep so that they know its time to sleep. My son hardly slept so it was a task to us to put him to bed. Be ready and prepared.

22. Carry travel size soaps- We get travel size soap, cream, body lotion, rash cream, buy that. This will hardly take any space in bag and all will fit in a pouch. If your hotel have tub bath or shower introduce it to your baby and make a fun bathing time. For babies who are below 6 month, you can place them on your legs stretched so that they can comfortable lie on it which will make bathing easy or best do a sponge bath on a changing mat.

23. Medicine Kit- Always carry a small medicine kit with you which includes eno, cough and cold flu medicine, paracetamol for fever and headache, band-aid, 2-3 baby medicine mentioned by doctors, thermometer, ORS drink or electoral for hydration, digestive chewable tablets and your everyday medicine which as to be taken.

Meet Baby Aarush (1 year old)

Note- The babies are super adjustable and quick learner. The way you will keep them, they will adapt it. If you love traveling, make sure baby is adaptable to your schedule. Let them roam if they started walking, let them crawl if they are crawling, we can change the clothes later or wipe the hands and legs but let them enjoy their journey in their own way. Let them explore this beautiful world. Set them free to talk to strangers. People love babies and they enjoy if babies are around them. These small little things will later develop great values in your kiddo.

So explore and be happy mommy 🙂 🙂 🙂

[Drop your thoughts below if you have any doubts or need to add any points which is important as per you.]

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