Biotique- Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream

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I hope you all are enjoying my blog. Today I will be reviewing Biotique product which is one of my favorite brand in India. I have used its walnut scrub, body lotion- winter cheery, face pack they were all amazing. This is my first experience with the night cream as before this I have never used any night cream. So, let’s get started…

Price- INR 230 for 50 gm

Biotique claims-

“It’s not a cosmetic product. It has therapeutic properties”.

Wheat Germ Oil is one of the most sensitive oils in the botanical world, a natural antioxidant with more Vitamin E than any other natural oil. This rich-feeling, firming cream is blended with pure wheat germ, sunflower and almond oils, vitamins A, B, C, D, E and extracts of carrot and galangal to moisturize and strengthen skin for a more vital, resilient, younger appearance.

Ingredients Used- 

Ankurit Genhun Seed- 5.0%, Gajar Seed 1.0%,Badam Oil- 1.0%, Kulanjan Rhizome- 0.25%, Khubani Seed Oil- 0.5%, Sunflower Oil- 2.5%, Purified water- Q.S.

My personal experience with Bio Wheat Germ Youthful Nourishing Night Cream-

This product comes in medium size white color plastic tub with green color cap on it. The packaging is very simple with green color words typed on it. When you open the cap, you can find small lid inside to protect the product from coming out. But what attracts this particular product is the words written on its top of the cap- “Ayurvedic Recipe- 100% Botanical Extracts”. The texture of the product is thick and creamy. It’s a white color cream with a mild fragrance which does not hurt sensitive nose. As this cream is thick in texture it requires pea size amount of cream but as it is night cream I will suggest you take little more amount of product so that it will work more effectively and efficiently on skin.

My skin type is combination skin. When applied for the first time on face it took a minute to blend it completely in my skin. It has a very soft, creamy and velvety feeling when applied on skin.  After massaging the cream in upward direction for few seconds it took time to absorb cream completely into my skin. I used to leave it on face so that it will absorb automatically; as it has natural oils it will take time to absorb in skin. The good thing about this cream is it is Ayurvedic, organic and preservative free. They have used all-natural extracts which help skin to improve its texture, quality and make it look younger and healthier.

Since couple of weeks I am using this night cream and now it has start showing its effects. When I get up in morning my skin is smooth, supple and fresh. It has a glowing effect on apples of my cheek. This cream is very hydrating and moisturizing, people with dry skin type will love this product. I can feel my skin nourished, moisturized and it has improved texture and quality of my skin. As it is a ayurvedic recipe it will take time to show its effect, but consistent use of this cream can make you recognize the wonders happened into your skin.

Overall, I liked this cream very much. My first experience with the night cream as of now is good. Ladies with Dry skin will enjoy using every single bit of this cream but ladies with combination or sensitive skin type will take little time to love this product. I would suggest ladies with too oily skin to skip this product as it has a strong natural oil which can leads to breakout on their skin.


  • It Ayurvedic, Organic and Preservative free
  • It has 100% botanical extracts
  • It is for normal to dry skin types
  • Makes skin look smoother, healthier and fresh
  • Skin feels smoother after regular use
  • Next morning skin looks fresh, moisturized and supple
  • As it has a thick consistency it tends to be massaged properly which increase blood circulation in skin
  • Cream works from within and result will take little time to show
  • It is affordable and within budget


  • Its take time to absorb in skin
  • It might not suit to oily skin
  • Result is visible after couple of week
  • It has a thick consistency which takes more time to blend
  • Unhygienic packing as must dip your fingers in tub

Will I purchase this product again?

Will try different brand.

TVB Rating- 3.7/5