Pregnancy Censure

Pregnancy is such an amazing and blessed phase to feel the miracle of god but at the same time it can be ruined if your surroundings is filled with toxic people and starts body shaming or bullying you..

Well during my pregnancy I was very mobile. I was working and actively attending certain cultural events. As my weeks were going up, people around me started giving their comments like – you are looking so dull & tired; you have got panda eyes, your tummy is looking so weird, that’s such a huge tummy (staring at my tummy made me feel so weird), you have put on so much of weight, you got swelling on your face / legs / body, why you eat so much etc. (Annoyed!!)

I mean the entire process of pregnancy is tiring plus it changes your body and especially you from within. Can’t we just be kind and really appreciate the pregnant women and understand the sensitivity of the phase she is going through. There are many challenges a lady has to go through during her pregnancy phase like – she has to pee often in night which leads to sleepless nights tending to get her panda eyes, every pregnancy is different and so is the tummy. There is nothing weird in that but the most imp is fetus inside should be healthy, the increase in baby weight leads to swelling on face/body, change in the hormones, whenever the fetus demands food, you have to eat and as they say for every woman pregnancy is different and what not. I mean can we just pause ourself for a minute and think in which direction are we heading. Being a women let’s start adjusting each other’s crown rather than pulling or bullying them.

Instead, can we just start using sentences like you are looking pretty, we are proud you made to office, do you have some kind of cravings, we’ll order your fav food, let’s go out for a stroll, you need to relax. etc. Just showing a little affection and care changes the entire equation for a pregnant woman. She feels more confident and happy.

In my entire pregnancy phase, I came across both kindda ppl who cared for me and who tortured me especially in my work environment which really made me upset. But I am thankful to those set of ppl who have always lifted me up, cheered my mood; especially my husband who took care of me and spoilt me by his pampering.

I hope, next time whenever you will come across any pregnant women, you will be more positive and affirmative in your statements. Till then love yourself and take care.


Enligt professorn, tittar på porr före första datumet kan avsevärt förbättra kvaliteten på detta datum. (Självklart, om du inte slappnar av efter att priligy köpa tittat på porr så att du bestämmer och avbryter ett datum.)