The Face Shop Real Nature Rice Brightening Sheet Mask- Reviews & Swatches

Is Rice beneficial for skin? Let’s find out.

Rice is a cosmetic ingredient with miraculous properties. Rich in vitamin B which stimulates cell regeneration and slows the aging process, it can get rid of wrinkles on the face and neck. To prevent premature aging of the skin, Japanese women prepare their rice mask.

So, what do rice masks do? The short answer: They brighten. “Rice water has been used for centuries in Korea to brighten the skin,” Charlotte Cho, author of The Little Book of Skin Care: Korean Beauty Secrets for Healthy, Glowing Skin, confirms.

Price- Aed. 16 for 20 g (In India you can get it from Nykaa)

Product Claims & Ingredients-

My Experience with The Face Shop Real Nature Rice Sheet Mask-

This sheet mask comes in a plastic pouch which resembles the nature of mask on its packaging. The beauty of packaging is it mentions the picture of product and name of mask on top and behind the pouch it mentions entire detail and instruction of mask and its usage. When you open the pouch, you will be welcomed by beautiful fragrance mostly a floral fragrance. The mask is soaked well in serum, which is transparent, watery and little greasy. Be carefully while opening the sheet as it is very delicate and can be torn if not unfolded correctly. Fabric used to make sheet mask is very soft and gentle on skin.

As mentioned on the sheet I have washed my face, toned it and applied the sheetmask on my face. Frankly, I didn’t found the fragrance that great. As the mask is of universal size I really had to give time to adjust the sheet on my face. This Mask is to brighten and smoothen the dark and rough skin, so I was keen to see the result. After 10 mins of application I started feeling cool sensation on the face and in the entire 20 mins process I felt my skin getting more hydrated and moisturised deeply. I applied the left over serum on my neck, hands and nails as every drop of serum counts, isn’t it? When I removed the mask and washed my face after 20 mins, I was amazed to see the result as it has brighten my skin one level up plus it has smoothen my skin. I witnessed my dark patches, pigmentation and tan getting reduced and trust me, the result is noticeable. I wished it would have shown its magic on dark spots but still that doesn’t make me to hate this mask. It really leaves your skin hydrated, clear, bright, supple and glowy which stay for 1+ day. I mean if you have an event to attend then this is the mask you should keep with you for your rescue.

Overall, I am very much happy with this mask and surely it has made the space in my bag. I have used this mask for the first time and after result has just left me stunned. The result is noticeable and trust me I loved my skin as it has become more supple, smooth, fresh, bright and glowy. This mask has deeply worked on my skin making it bright and smooth and effect stayed for a long as compared to other mask.


  • Brighten and Smoothen the skin
  • Packaging is very sleek and slim which makes it travel friendly product
  • Deeply hydrate and moisturise skin
  • Reduces pigmentation, tan and rough skin
  • Add glow to face
  • Make skin appear more fresh, supple and healthy
  • No irritation, breakout and itchiness felt


  • The fit of the mask is not good
  • Didn’t work much on dark spots
  • Fragrance is okish

Will I buy this product again?


TVB rating- 5/5