Hey my cute Birdies

Recently I had a long weekend which I enjoyed like anything plus the weather was so good and cool that it was fun to walk on the beach. While I was just relaxing on beach few thoughts kept crossing through my mind. Why people complicates thing for us or why it is so difficult to say NO to our closed ones in-spite of being so hurt or neglected. Everyone have their own thoughts, their own choices and their own perspective but if you don’t agree to another person’s thoughts, acts, choices, words it does not mean that person is wrong or weird, it just that your thought process are not matching mainly due to surrounding in which that person has been brought up or the experience they had.

In these entire universe, I am exclusive, unique, different, I am irreplaceable and I am what I am. No one can replace me or any of my qualities. We can see other human being near around us having similar characteristics but you cannot say that they both are same. Everyone is unique in their own way and I am enjoying my uniqueness.  There will be more qualities in me which the other does not have and that defines the “unique me”. I am unique in the way I think, act, respond, react, express, dream; they are all mine and I have right on all those things.  I take responsibility for what I speak, feel, my anger, frustration, irritation, my loudness, blowing my own trumpet, joy, sorrow, happiness, disappointments, success, failures, struggles,etc. No one has walked the road on behalf of me except me so no one has right to judge me if they don’t know in and out of me for the sake of gossiping. There will be the times when the people close to you will start behaving with you in their weirdest way and will try to discourage you or put you down or will be jealous of you. But that time keep your temper cool because they have chosen to behave in that way.

Finally I have decided to become friend with my inner soul because no one can show me clear picture except my inner and pure soul. By doing this it will make me to put all my concentration, focus on my goals, interest and most important to believe in myself. We heard so many times from our grandparents and elders that “person can lie to others but cannot cheat to himself”, which makes so much sense. There are and will be points when I will be confused, puzzled or will be in a dilemma but believing myself will give me courage to look for solutions to my question, to explore more of me and to understand more about me. May be the decision I have taken today can prove to be wrong in future but still I will learn from them and will grow in and out as a better person. It will give me courage to be more thoughtful in my ideas and decision, to be more processed version than I was before and to be more peaceful with my inner soul. Just I need to close the doors of my ears for those people who hate me and fail to see fine of me. I am okay with what I am and I am proud of who I am. I am comfortable with myself and happy with the same. Important is to make peace with the inner soul. So finally I have decided to enjoy my uniqueness and “THE IRREPLACEABLE ME”.