L’Oreal Paris- Pure clay mask- 3 pure clay + Eucalyptus review

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Hope you all are doing great. Today I will be reviewing L’Oreal Paris- Pure clay mask- 3 pure clay + Eucalyptus. There are three variations on this mask and I got my hands on one of them: the purifying one (the green one). When it comes to skincare, nothing enthuses me more than a good face mask. Whether they’re to hydrate, brighten, or detox your skin, I think a good mask is just as essential as a cleanser or moisturizer in any skincare routine. In this polluted environment your face suffers a lot from dullness, pigmentation, dark patches etc. So, it’s very important to invest in good face mask as it can make your face appear bright and fresh. Let’s take a closer look on this product!

Price- AED 31/- for 50 ml

Product claims-

Indulgent. Transformative. Perfectly Clean. L’Oreal Paris Skin Experts have created a super-charged pure clay mask with the power of Eucalyptus to purify and mattify your skin in just 10 minutes. Our fresh, indulgent formula provides a soothing and refreshing spa-like experience, while powerful pure clays penetrate deep into pores to remove impurities. Purify & Mattify Pure-Clay Mask addresses your shiny and oily skin to reveal clarified, mattified, and refreshed complexion. Immediately skin appears purified and healthier. Skin looks less shiny and excess oil is reduced. Pores seem tightened and less visible, without over-drying.

Use After Use. Skin looks re-energized and refreshed. Skin complexion appears fresher. Skin is visibly healthier and more beautiful.

How to use-

Ingredients used-

My Experience with L’Oréal Paris- Pure clay mask- 3 pure clay + Eucalyptus –

The first look of this product robbed my heart. This product comes in green color paper box packaging with all the details mentioned on it. The beauty of this packaging is, the box color reveals the mask color of the product. This product comes in a square shaped glass jar with a light green color cap on it. The jar is little heavy but gives the royal look to the product plus it is easy to carry. When you open the cap, you can find small white color lid inside to protect the product from coming out.

The color of mask is light green and the texture is thick and creamy which spreads easily and evenly on skin. As named, it gives you impression of clay. I wish they have given some applicator to apply this product as I hate dipping my fingers again and again in product. It has a strong aroma which can hurt sensitive nose.

My skin is quite sensitive and comes under combination skin type or say comes under normal to oily range. When I have applied this product first time on my face, after few seconds I could feel some irritation on my skin but as it started drying my irritation also vanished with it, though it scared me for a second. This mask dries within 5 min but being a good girl, I kept it for 10-12 min. As it dried, I could sense my face getting snugger. I rinsed my face with cold water which took another 1 minutes to bring the product out completely from my face and yes, I was happy to see the after effect which is noticeable in first use.

After rinsing, my skin appeared fresh, bright, pores were invisible, dark spots were lightened and skin appeared smoother and clean. You can see clearly that dullness and impurities has disappeared from face. This product didn’t break out on my skin though I was little worried due to irritation I sensed. It did not dry out my skin and made it subtler. To be honest, I have tried and tested this product on my family member also and have experienced after effect change on their face. It purifies and mattifies skin making it look healthier. I am satisfied that this product does not let me down.

Overall, I am very happy with this product as it is full paisa vasool and pays for each bit of money spent on it. I have used this product 6-7 times and still can be applied more 3 times. As they mentioned 10 applications on their box they are bang-on, on it. I would not recommend this product for dry skin type as it can make their skin drier. Though it irritated my skin for few seconds, but I am happy to see after result on my face which is noticeable. So, it’s a go- go from my end.


  • Smooth clay-like texture
  • Spreads smoothly and evenly
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Mattifies and purifies the skin
  • Makes skin smoother, softer and healthier
  • Removes dullness and adds a bright glow
  • Cleanses the pores well
  • Removes excess oil from skin


  • Pricey
  • Sensed irritation on skin
  • Dries out quickly
  • Strong Fragrance

Will I buy this product again?


TVB rating- 4/5