Lotus Herbals Velvety Rose Lip Therapy

Hey my birdies,

I hope you all are doing well. Winters have hit and will be getting colder in coming days. We take out our warm cloths, crack heal cream, body lotions, face cream everything but sometimes we become little careless on lips and don’t take much care until it start becoming badly chapped and dry. So before it is late we need to take precaution to preserve the moist lips by applying good lip balm every day.

Price- INR. 135 for 4gm

Lotus Herbals Velvety Rose Lip Therapy claims-

The Lip Therapy highly active moisturizing formula with high concentration of Shea and Kokum butter, helps to repair dry, cracked and chapped lips and protects them from the drying effect of cold, dry winds of winter, making them looks look healthier and smoother.

Ingredient Used- Shea Butter, Kokum Butter and Velvety Rose extracts.

My personal experience with Lotus Herbals Velvety Rose Lip Therapy-

The product comes in a long cream color stick with a same color cap on it which has a beautiful roses printed on cap. The packaging is really very attractive, classy and elegant. It is a roll on stick which let the product comes out as per your wish. I really like stick style packaging rather than a tub one as it is more hygienic and product is directly applied on lips rather than dipping fingers in a lip balm tub. It is basically a LIP Therapy made especially for winter use as the ingredients used in it are shea and Kokum butter which has more moisturizing properties.

The texture of the Lip balm is very smooth, creamy and velvety as they have mentioned on the cap. It is like a petroleum jelly or wax converted into stick form. When you open the cap you can see baby pink color of lip balm stick which is more appealing. When you take the lip balm nearer to your lips for application you will be satisfied with the rose fragrance which is mild and pleasing. The plus point of this lip balm is it ha SPF 15 which protects from sunrays and darker or patchy lips.

Let’s come to application part. When applied on the lips it smoothly glides on it giving me velvety and shiny feeling. Though it is a baby pink color but when applied it gives no color to it. After application you will feel your lips little heavier because of wax has been put on it but after 1 minutes it will be back to normal. The best part is it doesn’t spread outside lip boundaries. It has a very nice moisturizing properties and stays for maximum 2-3 hours with the oil effect present on your lips.

Trust me this product has done wonders on my lips. I usually have a habit of biting my lips so it often get dry  but this lip balm has healed my dry chapped lips and made it moist. It has also improved my lip texture and quality. I have also noticed that by continuous use my lips have turned more pinkish and healthier. From last 15 days I am using this product and testing it whether it stands on what it claims. I am happy that yes they have proved their product on what they claims.

The disadvantage I felt about this product is fragrance stays for hardly 2-3 seconds and dust can stick on lips when walked outside in wind due to its wax properties. Product may get spread on lips when applied in summer as it has wax or butter properties which can melt due to heat. Ladies who want tint in their lip balms may not like this product as it gives no color to lips.

Overall, I liked the product very much and I recommend it to all. Also it is pocket friendly and within my budget. This product is especially made for winter season so it will be more effective during that duration. But if you are facing dry, chapped or darker lips problem, this product will help you in all criteria. For quick effect apply this product on lips in night before sleep you can see miracles happened very next day.


  • Helps repairing dry, cracked and chapped lip
  • Protects them from drying and moistures lips
  • Improves lip texture and makes it look more healthier and smoother
  • Has the properties of SPF 15 and evens out the lip tone
  • Has a mild and pleasing fragrance of rose
  • Packaging is good and hygienic to use
  • Easy to carry around, pocket and travel friendly
  • Budget friendly and easily available in all stores
  • This product does wonder when applied in night before sleep


  • Stays up to maximum 2-3 hours
  • Fragrance hardly last for a second
  • Lips get heavier after application
  • Can spread when applied in summer
  • Strictly for winter use (mentioned on packaging itself)
  • Chances of dust getting stick to lips because of jelly properties

Will I purchase this product again?

Yes, may be in different flavor.

TVB Rating:  4.3/5