MAC Hyper Glow Palette Review & Swatches

Highlighter, please glow me up…

Yes, ladies you have heard it right Mac has recently launched its Highlighter palette few months back. Well to be honest this is my first highlighter I have purchased and MAC being close to my heart I opted for this brand. They have also named this palette as Real Glow Highlighter palette. The MAC Hyper Real Glow Highlighter Palette is something MAC is calling “highlighting perfection of hyper real glow”. They have launched two palettes which is Get It Glowin’ and Flash + Awe. Each of the palettes holds three shades of “irresistibly creamy highlighting powder to create flawlessly smooth, supercharged radiance”

So, let me get started with this tour as I am super excited to share my first ever experience with highlighter product. Have a good reading time!! 😊

Product claims-

A palette of three gold highlighters with an irresistibly creamy powder formula.

Fall fast and hard for the highlighting palette perfection of Hyper Real Glow. This palette packs three hues of highlight for supercharged, ecstatic-in-love-level radiance. With an irresistibly creamy powder formula, shades blend effortlessly to leave an ultra-reflective yet flawlessly smooth sheen. Get lost in the hyper real.

Key Claims and Benefits-

  • Features a soft and creamy formulae
  • Features Luminous payoff
  • Effortlessly Blendable
  • Minimal Fallout
  • For all skin type

My Experience with MAC Hyper Glow Palette –

I am so excited to talk about this product as this is my first ever highlighter. This beauty comes in a sleek rectangular black color box packaging with name mentioned in rosegold color which really make it gorgeous. When you open this palette you can see 3 shades of highlighter with a mirror on the opposite side which is such a plus point as you can touch up anytime when you require it. I have opted for “Get it Glowin” which comes in gold, campaign and rosegold shade as I thought it will suit best on my skin town.

The texture of this highlighter is very creamy and soft but while taking product on brush you can see certain fallout as it is so delicately built in. When you apply this product using figure you will see difference in color then applying by brush as the intensity of color increases may be because of the warmth in our hand. Let me also tell you this color are medium pigmented so apply little first and then build it up as and when required depending on the occasion.

Let’s come to the application side. You can use this highlighter on your cheekbones, brigde of your noce, on lip bow, side of your eyebrows, collar of your neck and on areas which you have to highlight. I have applied this product 4-5 times till now on my cheekbones connecting to end of my eyebrow and the things I noticed that after some hour the intensity of color vanishes. No doubt these product easily gets blended in to skin but it does not stay for a long time and hence you have to build the product again to gain that glow which is little disappointing for the amount they have charged. As I am new to this highlighting product it has given me good understanding of intensity of color which will definitely help me to choose another highlighter from other brand.

Overall, I liked this product as it has given me three shade of gold within the palette which I can use it as per occasion and days. I think the product is very creamy and delicate and can break anytime if not used properly. As a beginner to highlighter I can polish my skills on this and then can opt for good brand highlighter which will help me to build intensity of product on my skin. So this product is completely decent for ladies who are happy with low color intensity and for beginners like me who have to polish their skills.


  • Creamy and Soft
  • Blends effortlessly
  • Can be used everyday
  • Give nice glow


  • Not a travel friendly until kept it properly
  • Delicate as can break easily
  • Lower intensity
  • Stays for less time have to rebuild again

Will I buy this product again?

No. Will check another brand

TVB rating- 4/5