Hey my lovely Angels

Namaste… How you doing all? Today I will be discussing few things of marriage which we usually don’t hear it from our elders or sibling talking much. None of the marriage is perfect in this entire universe. Everyone has their own marital problems but how to deal with those problem is important. As being a part of male dominating society no wonder how much you are educated or you earn, the command will always be in your male’s hand (bitter truth). We have always seen our parents how they cared, loved and most importantly understood each other but we failed to observe those small sacrifices they made which went unnoticed.

Dear birdies don’t be under wrong impression that by taking 7 feras some magic will happen and you will be leading obstacle free life. Your marriage is completely based on the thoughts you share and agree/disagree to your partner one’s and most importantly communicating without hurting them. Whenever you are choosing your life partner it is necessary to check whether their thoughts are matching or in line with yours and if no take a step back.

Parents make believe their children an imaginary world where they will be happy marriage without any obstacles but I guess it is high time to make their children aware about the things they will be facing or dealing after getting married (demanding current scenario). Here I am not talking about domestic violence but all about your behavior towards your partner, the respect you give to your partner’s thoughts, the acceptance of your partner nature’s as it is and more over trusting them. From far every marriage seems to be so perfect until and unless we do not step into their shoe.

(Applicable for both Husband and Wife)

After getting married you will have to deal with many things like your partner’s mental plus financial stability; getting interrupted in between your thought process; their frustration, irritation, ego, blame game, arrogance and anger; repeating your mistakes every time while discussing things; their dilemma and decision making power; not helping you in household chores (which is important in current scenario where both are working); their reaction to the circumstances thrown in front of them by others which sometimes can lead to misunderstanding and dissatisfaction level.  There will be times you will have to kill your desires and change your plans you made for life for your partner’s happiness. Many times you will feel like doing particular thing and there will be a big NO from your partner which will upset you, be prepared. Every time you will end up giving lots of explanation to your partner to make your point clear until and unless they understand or you may ask too much of questions which can make your better half uncomfortable or Sometimes you will also feel that do they understand us. They will blame you with different words like impatient, restless nature, making wrong decisions, you are always wrong, irresponsible, extravagant etc. but never put yourself down after hearing those words in spite gather yourself up and be confident. There will be a huge war taking place inside you, your mind, your body, your heart but you will have to keep on fighting with your thoughts for what you wanted and what you had; what you desired and what you got; between satisfaction and dissatisfaction; peace or anger; to speak out your feelings or to be quiet, there is lots more to it.

Don’t forget that god has given you this life to make best of it without hurting others. Remember, you are married to share your inner soul with them and not to depress them or getting depressed by them. Be prepared to sacrifice many things to lead a successful marriage because this is the only Mantra for it without any shortcuts. If you are stucked in your marriage share it with your family or friends they will guide you and show you the way to come out from the dilemma state. Try to understand more and improve your communication. Do take care of your partner choices as they also have few expectation from you. No matter what obstacle comes in your life try to be positive as I have told in my previous post that-


Till then be optimistic be yourself, take care and be happy as life is precious and comes with lots of surprises. Will meet you soon in next post.