Sephora Masques Pieds Amande Almond Foot Masks Review & Swatches

Lets talk about our foot which is the most neglected part of our body. Whenever there is a climatic change happening or I do any kind of water sport my dead skin on foot starts getting noticed. They popup as a popcorn and looks so bad if I wear sandals or slippers. They look dry, rough, flaky and cracked and so it is as imp to take care of them as we take care of our skin.
So here I am excited to review “Almond foot mask” from @sephora for the first time. This mask is rich in fatty acids and almond is renowned for its skin- softening virtues.

Product claims-
1. Will nourish dry feet
2. Soften rough areas and make skin supple
3. For feet that are soothes, softened and look repaired!

Price- Aed. 30/-

My experience with this product-

The product comes in a green packet which is quiet girly and pretty. The packet has 1 pair of sheets in it and can be used only once. It’s a green colored socks styled plastic sheets with almond prints on it which is very handy and easy to use. The packet is so light weighted that it can be easily carried along even in a purse.

Application- I have cleaned my feet with normal water and pat dried it with the soft towel. I worn the sheet mask like socks and kept for 40 mins instead of 20 mins as my feet needed extra care. After removing the socks (mask), I rubbed the sheet on my legs same as we do with face mask and just patted normal tissue on my foot to remove excess product. I did not wash my feet the entire day as wanted the serum to work on my rough foot. Please make sure you don’t slip on bare foot or wear the slippers to protect your feet from dust.

The effect is noticeable. The foot mask has worked 70-80% percent in single use, which is not bad at all for the amount I paid. This mask has nourished my dry feet by making it smooth and healed the rough areas which can be seen in the image itself. The rough area needs more nourishment and attention but being a 1st timer to use such mask I am really happy and satisfied with its result. I can literally feel my foot soft, nourished, moisturized and supple.

Overall, I really liked this product and recommend it everyone. I am sure, you will be pretty satisfied with the foot mask. The effect is so great that it can be used one day before any important event or function. I recommend highly to everyone.

Let me know your thoughts on the same.