White Seed Exfoliating Foam Cleanser- Review & Swatches

Hey my birdies…

How’s weekend treating you? Well today I will be reviewing a complete set of white seed range from brand “The Face Shop”. Its been 3 months I have been using and thought it’s a best time to put my final thoughts about the product which will help you to decide whether to go for this range or not. This range was suggested by their attendant in shop after doing my face review. She suggested me that this skin range will reduce my pigmentation, darkspot and lighten my skin making it appear healthy. So here I am reviewing 1st product from this range “White Seed Exfoliating Foam Cleanser”. So, let’s start the journey of “White Seed Range”

Price- $ 17.28 for 150 ml

Validity- 12 months

Product description-
The creamy white foaming cleanser with scrub particles gently removes dead skin cells and makeup residue, leaving skin looking clean and bright.

How to use-
Dispense an adequate amount and fully lather. Gently massage into the skin and wash off with lukewarm water.


My Experience with White Seed exfoliating foam cleanser Review-
The product comes in white tube with light grey flip flap cap on it. The details are mentioned on the tube. I really liked the packaging of the product and the tube is travel friendly and easy to carry.

The texture of the product is shinny white thick in consistency with tinny micro beads added to it. The fragrance is mild and does not tickle the nose. The best part I liked about this product is that you really require a pea size amount for entire face and trust me it sufficient for entire face.

When applied on face, it lathers well, and the scrub/tinny beads are friendly with skin. These tinny micro beads exfoliate skin nicely working on dead cells and pigmentation without hurting skin specially for sensitive skin like me. The best part about exfoliator is it does not irritate or burn my skin neither I have witnessed any breakout after use. After washing face with normal water, you can immediately see the difference as your skin glows and look fresh without making it dry. You can also notice that excess oil, impurities has been removed immediately leaving your skin fresh, bright and super soft plus it also remove makeup completely from face. I am such a fan of this product, it’s a saviour for me especially in Dubai where climate is too humid which leaves your skin sticky and oily. It’s been 3 months I am using this product and still it can go for more 2 months.

The only difficulty with this product I had while using is it sting my eyes making them tear as it is so powerful, avoid using near to eye area. Also, if you use excess amount of product it will take extra time to completely remove product from face. One important thing the result will be for a shorter period; the time you stop using this product, within 3-4 days you can notice losing it effect.

Overall, I liked the product and I highly recommend it to all the ladies out there except dry skin type stay away from this exfoliating foam cleanser as it will dry your skin more.  Ladies dealing with acne and oil impurities I would really like to recommend you this product as it removes excess oil without making skin dry and balancing it properly with Ph balance. This product really done wonders on my skin. It had removed all the impurities, excess oil, dirt and pigmentation deeply from my face giving me immediate result. I have witnessed my face getting brighter, fresh, soft and clear. The tiny beads exfoliated my skin very nicely without hurting or irritating. I have seen skin texture getting improved over a period of time after using this product daily or say on regular basis. Though its pricey but can give a try.


  • Mild fragrance
  • Beautiful packaging
  • Removes impurities, dirt and excess oil from face
  • Improves skin texture
  • Make skin look fresh, clean, soft and smooth
  • Removes makeup entirely from face
  • Does not irritate or burn skin
  • No breakout witnessed after continuous use of product
  • Pea size amount is enough
  • Travel friendly product


  • Pricey
  • Effect stays for shorter duration
  • Excessive amount of product difficult to remove from face.
  • Make eyes sting will washing face

Will I buy this product again?

TVB rating- 4/5