What to expect in first 7 days of Postpatrum

Hello Mommies,

I hope you enjoyed reading my last post on “Travel with Infant”. We all very well know that a motherhood is an endless journey. For every women it’s a different experience or say even for the same mother both the pregnancy is going to be different. A women body is put on compromise mode during pregnancy and after it, thanks to the hormones.  I was wondering to share my personal experience with you all so that it will help you and prepare you mentally for the big day. So here I am writing another post on “what to expect in first 7 days of post partum” which is very important for every pregnant women to know. . Below are the points I felt are important and if I have skipped any, don’t forget to mention in comment box below. Happy reading 🙂

  1. Bleeding- No matter, whether it’s your C section or normal delivery, expect a normal to heavy bleeding. For some women it can be for a week, 21 days or for 2-3 months. In my case, I delivered baby through C section and in first week the flow was low but next 45 days i have noticed a heavy bleeding. So it completely depend from women to women and hormones to hormones.
  2. Emotional and Physical changes- There would be physical changes which will be experienced but do expect a roller coaster ride of emotions flowing in your body. There would be physical pain to deal with but at the same time a pleasure to hold the baby in hand which will give you joy. Many women feel teary, irritable and frustrated with entire process, so surround yourself with supportive people and listen to meditation song this will help you to get through the process. Keep patience and remind yourself this shall pass soon.
  3. Contracting uterus- Be ready for this. I am not scaring here anyone but be prepared. Once you start breast feeding baby, the hormones released in body help the uterus to shrink. The pain can be of period pain or even expect a labour pain. This is normal as uterus is trying to get back in to the size. A warm water bag on the belly or back can help you to get through this. If you feel that the pain is something different, immediately consult doctor.
  4. Sleep regime- Babies are hungry in every 2-3 hours so expect some sleep routine changes. It is suggestable to rest when baby sleeps as it is important for your body to have enough rest to heal quickly. I delivered during lockdown so hardly got time to rest as everything was managed by me and my mother but please do rest. It will also help your back to get that rest which hardly got any in last 2 trimester.
  5. Have supporters- It’s very important to have supporters after post-partum as body goes through immense hormonal changes leaving traumas on our mental health but few positive and supporting people can make this process pretty easy. Imagine we are in pain and someone is looking at our situation and blabbering about their pain making it even more worse for us to bear… Due to lockdown, hardly anyone visited us so I was pretty lucky and there was no one except my mom who was on her foot to help me, so always have some one with whom you are more than comfortable. Select few ‘go to people’ who you think are there to listen your crazy thoughts, pain and even anger.
  6. Limit the visitors- Visitors are going to come to see and bless the baby. Its always good to welcome them but limit your time as it can be tiring and mentally exhausting. If you are not comfortable with some visitors tell near dear ones so that they can save you from them or tell them you are feeling sleepy. Its not I hate them, but the first few days are very crucial for both mother and child to get stable. Its a new – new situation for both of them.
  7. Medical report of baby- Once the baby is delivered, the doctor do all the basic check / test of the new born to see the hemoglobin, blood group and other factors. Expect some vitamin D, multivitamins and Jaundice drops for newborns. If the baby is having negative blood group doctors will recommend different medicines.
  8. Stay in the hospital- If you are having C section expect 3-4 days stay in hospital and if you had a normal delivery expect a day or 2 days stay in a hospital depending on your conditions. In case of C section, doctor will check the stiches and your health condition before leaving. They will call you for the check-up to see the stiches. Recently, disposable stiches has been introduced which dissolves and no need to visit doctor for the same until and unless there is internal bleeding or deadly pain. Always confirm with the doctors about your medicines, do’s and don’t’s, what to eat and any other concerns which you want to address them before checking out of the hospital.
  9. Sponge bath- In case of C section, I would technically suggest a sponge bath for a week as it gives some more time for stitches to heal faster. My doctor gave me green signal to have a normal bath after a week but i continued for 11 days until my complete stiches were removed. The another reason of doing so was, in lockdown I did not wanted to take any risk.
  10. Mensuration- If you are breast feeding the baby, your period cycle will be changed. Some get periods within 2 months of child birth and some may get after 6 months.
  11. Breast Feeding- Hey new mommy be ready for this tricky thing. If your is normal delivery expect the milk flow right after delivery and in case you are caesarian, expect milk flow after 2-3 days of the birth. There are some mothers out there who face difficulty in milk flow in such cases always show to lactation doctor as they can guide you properly.
  12. Crying- It is going to be the part of your routine until and unless baby is enough to understand. Babies communicate through crying. If they are hungry, bored, tired or sleepy  they cry. In addition to this, if they find any clothing uncomfortable they will communicate through crying. It will take some time for you to understand but keep noticing their action and you will start connecting the dots.

I hope you enjoyed reading all the points.



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